World Equestrian Games 2018 eventing riders, squads and teams

Here are the horses and riders who have been selected for the confirmed eventing squads at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina (11-25 September 2018). Any late changes will be added to this page as they become available.

Each country can send a squad of five riders; four who compete as a team (as well as in the individual competition), plus one who competes as an individual only. If a country is unable to field a team, then it can send up to two individuals.

Great Britain

  • Ros Canter with Allstar B
  • Tina Cook with Billy The Red
  • Piggy French with Quarrycrest Echo
  • Tom McEwen with Toledo De Kerser
  • Gemma Tattersall with Arctic Soul

United States

  • Phillip Dutton with Z
  • Lauren Kieffer with Vermiculus
  • Will Coleman with Tight Lines
  • Boyd Martin with Tsetserleg
  • Lynn Symansky with Donner


  • Andreas Dibowski with FRH Corrida or FRH Butts Avedon
  • Sandra Auffarth with Viamant Du Matz
  • Ingrid Klimke with SAP Hale Bob OLD
  • Julia Krajewski with Chipmunk FRH
  • Kai Rüder with Colani Sunrise


  • Padraig McCarthy with Mr Chunky
  • Patricia Ryan with Dunrath Eclipse
  • Cathal Daniels with Rioghan Rua
  • Sarah Ennis with Horseware Stellor Rebound
  • Sam Watson and Horseware Ardagh Highlight


  • Sidney Dufresne riding Trésor Mail
  • Maxime Livio riding Opium De Verrières
  • Astier Nicolas riding Vinci De La Vigne
  • Donatien Schauly ADJ riding Pivoine Des Touches
  • Thibaut Vallette LCL riding Qing Du Briot ENE HN


  • Emma McNab with Fernhill Tabasco
  • Chris Burton with Cooley Lands
  • Andrew Hoy with Vassily De Lassos
  • Bill Levett with Lassban Diamond Lift
  • Shane Rose with Virgil or CP Qualified


  • Henrique Pinheiro and Land Quenotte Do Feoleto
  • Marcelo Tosi and Glenfly
  • Márcio Appel and Iberon Jmen
  • Márcio Carvalho Jorge and Coronel MCJ
  • Nilson Moreira da Silva and Magnum’s Martini


  • Sara Algotsson Ostholt with Wega
  • Anna Freskgård with Box Qutie
  • Niklas Lindbäck with Focus Filiocus
  • Louise Svensson Jähde with Waikiki 207
  • Ludwig Svennerstål with Stinger

New Zealand

  • Blyth Tait with Dassett Courage
  • Mark Todd with McClaren
  • Jonelle Price with Classic Moet
  • Tim Price with Cekatinka
  • Dan Jocelyn with Grovine De Reve


  • Lara de Liedekerke-Meier with Alpaga D’Arville
  • Karin Donckers with Fletcha Van’t Verahof
  • Joris Vanspringel with Imperial Van De Holtakkers

The Netherlands

  • Merel Blom with Rumor Has It NOP
  • Renske Kroeze with Jane Z
  • Raf Kooremans with Henri Z
  • Alice Naber-Lozeman with ACSI Harry Belafonte
  • Theo Van De Vendel with Zindane


  • Nicolas Wettstein with Meyer’s Happy
  • Ronald Zabala Goetschel with Wundermask


  • Pauliina Swindells with Ferro S


  • Ryuzo Kitajima with Queen Mary
  • Yoshiaki Oiwa with The Duke Of Cavan
  • Toshiyuki Tanaka with Talma D’Allou
  • Kazuma Tomoto with Tacoma D’Horset


  • Daniela Moguel with Cecelia


  • Heidi Bratlie Larsen with Euforian


  • Pawel Spisak with Banderas

South Africa

  • Victoria Scott with Valtho Des Peupliers


  • Patrizia Attinger with Hilton P
  • Robin Godel with Grandeur De Lilly CH
  • Felix Vogg with Colero


  • Stefano Brecciaroli with Byrnesgrove First Diamond
  • Pietro Roman with Barraduff
  • Pietro Sandei with Rubis De Prere
  • Arianna Schivo with Quefira De L’Ormeau
  • Simone Sordi with Amacuzzi


  • Alex Hua Tian with Ballytiglea Vivendi


  • Gonzalo Blasco Botin with Sij Veux D’Autize
  • Carlos Diaz Fernandez with Junco CP
  • Albert Hermoso Ferras with Nereo CP
  • Maria Pinedo Sendagorta with Carriem Van Colen Z
  • Manuel Senra Chover with Cruising


  • Hawley Bennett-Awad with Jollybo
  • Lisa Marie Fergusson with Honor Me
  • Colleen Loach with Qorry Blue D’Argouges
  • Selena O’Hanlon with Foxwood High
  • Jessica Phoenix with Pavarotti

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