World Equestrian Games 2018 eventing riders, squads and teams

  • Here are the horses and riders who have been selected for the confirmed eventing squads at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina (11-25 September 2018). Any late changes will be added to this page as they become available.

    Each country can send a squad of five riders; four who compete as a team (as well as in the individual competition), plus one who competes as an individual only. If a country is unable to field a team, then it can send up to two individuals.

    Great Britain

    • Ros Canter with Allstar B
    • Tina Cook with Billy The Red
    • Piggy French with Quarrycrest Echo
    • Tom McEwen with Toledo De Kerser
    • Gemma Tattersall with Arctic Soul

    United States

    • Phillip Dutton with Z
    • Lauren Kieffer with Vermiculus
    • Will Coleman with Tight Lines
    • Boyd Martin with Tsetserleg
    • Lynn Symansky with Donner


    • Andreas Dibowski with FRH Corrida or FRH Butts Avedon
    • Sandra Auffarth with Viamant Du Matz
    • Ingrid Klimke with SAP Hale Bob OLD
    • Julia Krajewski with Chipmunk FRH
    • Kai Rüder with Colani Sunrise


    • Padraig McCarthy with Mr Chunky
    • Patricia Ryan with Dunrath Eclipse
    • Cathal Daniels with Rioghan Rua
    • Sarah Ennis with Horseware Stellor Rebound
    • Sam Watson and Horseware Ardagh Highlight


    • Sidney Dufresne riding Trésor Mail
    • Maxime Livio riding Opium De Verrières
    • Astier Nicolas riding Vinci De La Vigne
    • Donatien Schauly ADJ riding Pivoine Des Touches
    • Thibaut Vallette LCL riding Qing Du Briot ENE HN


    • Emma McNab with Fernhill Tabasco
    • Chris Burton with Cooley Lands
    • Andrew Hoy with Vassily De Lassos
    • Bill Levett with Lassban Diamond Lift
    • Shane Rose with Virgil or CP Qualified


    • Henrique Pinheiro and Land Quenotte Do Feoleto
    • Marcelo Tosi and Glenfly
    • Márcio Appel and Iberon Jmen
    • Márcio Carvalho Jorge and Coronel MCJ
    • Nilson Moreira da Silva and Magnum’s Martini


    • Sara Algotsson Ostholt with Wega
    • Anna Freskgård with Box Qutie
    • Niklas Lindbäck with Focus Filiocus
    • Louise Svensson Jähde with Waikiki 207
    • Ludwig Svennerstål with Stinger

    New Zealand

    • Blyth Tait with Dassett Courage
    • Mark Todd with McClaren
    • Jonelle Price with Classic Moet
    • Tim Price with Cekatinka
    • Dan Jocelyn with Grovine De Reve


    • Lara de Liedekerke-Meier with Alpaga D’Arville
    • Karin Donckers with Fletcha Van’t Verahof
    • Joris Vanspringel with Imperial Van De Holtakkers

    The Netherlands

    • Merel Blom with Rumor Has It NOP
    • Renske Kroeze with Jane Z
    • Raf Kooremans with Henri Z
    • Alice Naber-Lozeman with ACSI Harry Belafonte
    • Theo Van De Vendel with Zindane


    • Nicolas Wettstein with Meyer’s Happy
    • Ronald Zabala Goetschel with Wundermask


    • Pauliina Swindells with Ferro S


    • Ryuzo Kitajima with Queen Mary
    • Yoshiaki Oiwa with The Duke Of Cavan
    • Toshiyuki Tanaka with Talma D’Allou
    • Kazuma Tomoto with Tacoma D’Horset


    • Daniela Moguel with Cecelia


    • Heidi Bratlie Larsen with Euforian


    • Pawel Spisak with Banderas

    South Africa

    • Victoria Scott with Valtho Des Peupliers


    • Patrizia Attinger with Hilton P
    • Robin Godel with Grandeur De Lilly CH
    • Felix Vogg with Colero


    • Stefano Brecciaroli with Byrnesgrove First Diamond
    • Pietro Roman with Barraduff
    • Pietro Sandei with Rubis De Prere
    • Arianna Schivo with Quefira De L’Ormeau
    • Simone Sordi with Amacuzzi


    • Alex Hua Tian with Ballytiglea Vivendi


    • Gonzalo Blasco Botin with Sij Veux D’Autize
    • Carlos Diaz Fernandez with Junco CP
    • Albert Hermoso Ferras with Nereo CP
    • Maria Pinedo Sendagorta with Carriem Van Colen Z
    • Manuel Senra Chover with Cruising


    • Hawley Bennett-Awad with Jollybo
    • Lisa Marie Fergusson with Honor Me
    • Colleen Loach with Qorry Blue D’Argouges
    • Selena O’Hanlon with Foxwood High
    • Jessica Phoenix with Pavarotti

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