Atherstone Team Chase results, 21 September

  • ATHERSTONE TEAM CHASE, Bedworth, Warks, 21 September
    Open.— 1, Cunning Stunts (T Woodward, E Herbert Davies, G Sherwin, A Pearson) 4.28.30; 2, Art Hotel Chasers (H Moodie, Y Goss, K Purcell, R Cope) 4.36.10; 3, Boring Gorings (F French, L Adams, N Fuller, B Allen) 4.44.31; 4, Herbal Junkies; 5, Relentless Fight the Ban; 6, Odds and Sods. intermediate.— 1, Them and Us (L Harris, L & R Cope, L Saunders) 3.31.38; 2, Close Shavers (A Brown, P Thomason, G Smith, D Gittins) 3.43.30; 3, Teme Valley Tigers (S Myhill, N Wenban, A Bronwin, C Furness) 3.51.37; 4, Buster Marquees Details To Follow; 5, The Bitch Pack; 6, The Farmers Bloodhounds. nov (bogey time).— 1, Wintertons Team; 2, Little Sods; 3, Captain Luties Team; 4, Dingle Dashers; 5, More Cunning Stunts; 6, Cobley Transports Awesome Foursome.

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