Elevate your equine transportation with Zara Tindall’s choice: The Overlander R240 *Promotion*

  • Promotional Feature with Overlander

    The Overlander R240 two-stall horsebox isn’t just any horse transport; it’s the choice of equestrian champions. Trusted by an elite cadre of top equestrians, including event riders Zara Tindall, Wills Oakden, and Sarah Ennis, along with Grand National-winning trainer Lucinda Russell, this horsebox embodies excellence.

    Zara Tindall’s choice of the R240 speaks volumes – “The new Overlander horsebox is a great little truck, it’s very functional and easy to work with,” she said after experiencing her new Overlander horsebox.

    Zara’s decision serves to emphasise the R240’s qualities. Safety is paramount, with features like an oversized rear door for emergencies. Durability is ensured with high-tensile panels and a triple-tier flooring design. Quality materials and craftsmanship make this horsebox the top choice for those who prioritise their horses’ comfort and security.

    The R240 2-stall is also designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering an array of easy-to-use features for a hassle-free experience. Zara says: “The partition and layout are great to get around the horses, and they have a good amount of space. The horses have been travelling really well in the box, and the lightweight ramp is easy to get up and down.”

    Discover the R240 difference

    Visit Overlander’s website for an in-depth look at the R240 2-stall horsebox. From internal camera monitoring to an easy-to-use design, it’s a horsebox that ensures safety and peace of mind, whether you’re an experienced equestrian or just starting your journey. Dive into detailed specs, watch videos, and reach out to our team to discover why this horsebox stands out.

    In person demo – the ultimate convenience

    The company’s specialists will bring an Overlander Horsebox to your preferred location, whether it’s your home or place of work, so you can explore and test drive the new R240 horsebox on your doorstep. To experience this ultimate convenience, phone +44 7400 623891 or email info@overlandervehicles.co.uk

    Elevate your equine adventures

    Experience the horsebox that aligns with the highest standards. Elevate your equestrian adventures with the R240, designed for those who share a passion for safety, durability, and quality. Choose the R240 2-stall horsebox for your equine companions and discover the difference that sets it apart.

    For more information:

    Website: www.overlandervehicles.co.uk
    Email: info@overlandervehicles.co.uk
    Phone sales enquiries: +44 7400 623891 / general enquiries +44 28 9021 9073

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