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Equilibrium Products was founded from one problem solving product in 2001, the Net Relief® Muzzle Net. The company has since evolved, designing innovative products with the wellbeing of the horse foremost in mind across six ranges including leg protection, sun and fly protection and an award winning massage and magnetic therapy range.

Winter can create extra challenges when caring for your horse, such as coping with reduced turnout, shorter daylight hours, increased stabling and cold, damp days. You will also need to pay more attention to your horse’s diet at this time.

We believe that a good quality diet of mainly fibre topped up with hard feed is usually sufficient to meet your horse’s daily nutritional needs. There are times however, during the winter season, when your horse will face changes to their routine. This can cause disruption to their dietary needs..

Our Simply Nutrition range has been developed to help support your horse through these times of need.

Simply Sunshine is a daily supplement, perfect for winter use to restore summer radiance and shine. The ingredients have been carefully selected to help maintain summer bloom throughout the winter.


Simply Sunshine contains:

  • Vitamins A, C and E to support cell heath and immunity
  • Vitamin D essential for healthy bones and skin
  • B vitamins, including biotin and B12 for energy metabolism and good hoof health.
  • Beta Carotene an antioxidant and a precursor to vitamin A shown to enhance immunity.
  • Yeast probiotic to support digestive health.

Simplyboost Resilience is a targeted boost of high concentrate vitamin C, designed to be added to your horse’s daily feed for those times when your horse’s natural immunity needs support. SimplyBoost-Resilience-Full-pic

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant helping to protect cells and keep them healthy. It is a vital component of the horse’s innate immune system.
£8.95 RRP – 500ml, 10 day supply
Add to feed for at least five days and repeat as required

Simple & effective solutions to help your horse stay happy and healthy through winter:

 ♦ Muddy fields, reduced turnout & limited access to good pasture can mean a considerable dietary change from one based on grass to one based on hay or haylage, together with a drop in key micronutrients vital for a healthy diet.

Solution: Adding a supplement designed to support the dietary change can help replace missing nutrients.

Try: Simplysunshine with vitamins A, C, E & D, yeast and beta-carotene

Why: Beta-carotene is found in fresh grass, but not in hay or haylage. Though its primary functions are as a precursor to vitamin A and as an antioxidant, beta-carotene has important roles in maintaining an effective immune system and, is also known to be beneficial to reproduction.

The live probiotic yeast helps support the change from a grazing to hay or haylage-based diet. Dietary change is a major risk factor for colic. Yeasts are known as “gut stabilisers” – helping to maintain a healthy digestive system

 ♦ Shorter daylight hours and wearing rugs during winter, results in limited exposure to natural sunlight and horses are at risk of a lack of vitamin D.

Solution: Horses need vitamin D in their diets to maintain healthy bones and skin.

Try: Simplysunshine with vitamins A, C, E & D, yeast and beta-carotene

Why: It takes between five and eight hours of exposure to the sun’s rays to maintain vitamin D levels in the horse, and this target is easily missed during the winter months. Vitamin D is best known for its role in maintaining healthy bones – vital for young and mature horses alike; its role in maintaining calcium levels means it has a key supporting role important in muscle health and many other body systems.

 ♦ Increased stabling hours can result in longer exposure to mould and dust spores, which may cause respiratory problems for horses.

Solution: A short term boost to support the respiratory system and to make your horse more resilient to the challenge of respirable dust and small particles in dusty stable environments.

Try: Simplyboost RESILIENCE with high concentrate vitamin C

Why: High levels of Vitamin C have been shown to strengthen the natural levels of key lung antioxidants – therefore increasing the body’s natural defences specific to where they are needed.

 ♦ Cold, damp weather can put additional strain on your horse’s natural immune system

Solution Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects oxidative damage to your horse’s tissues and organs from harmful free radicals.

Try: Simplyboost RESILIENCE with high concentrate vitamin C

Why: Vitamin C is a key component of the innate immune response in horses. It helps neutralise the production of free radicals, which is accelerated during any type of physical or mental stress, or exposure to new toxins and pollutants. The horse can make some of its own vitamin C but in times of increased requirement, this natural production may be insufficient. Boosting the diet with additional vitamin C helps maintain a healthy immune system.

 ♦ Loss of condition & a dull coat over winter may require additional nutrients

Solution A broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement will ensure that missing nutrients are replaced without excess energy or sugars. Adding a probiotic can help your horse get the most out of his feed.

Try: Simplysunshine with vitamins A, C, E & D, beta-carotene and a live yeast probiotic

Why: Probiotics for horses are microbial preparations that when added to the diet helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.

Live yeast probiotic helps maintain gut health by stimulating the growth of healthy microbial populations particularly in the fibre-digesting large intestine. This has been proven in research to improve digestive efficiency. A healthy large intestine or hindgut is important since it comprises two-thirds of the horse’s digestive capacity and can be adversely affected by dietary change.


Munch range – top quality Yorkshire Timothy grass with added vitamins, minerals and herbs sealed in 1kg packs, perfect for competition days, as an i- between meal snack, reward or boredom breaker.

Simplyirresistible – a healthy and delicious blend of natural vegetables rich in antioxidants with added probiotics, designed to liven up mealtimes and support a healthy gut.

Find out more about Simply Nutrition at www.equilibriumproducts.com

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