Invest in your passion: choose equine studies [Promotion]

  • Driven by investment in equine facilities, research expertise and the student experience, Nottingham Trent University is successfully encouraging students to invest in their passion for horses and study something they love.

    Applications for equine science degrees at the university have risen in 2013 despite the highly publicised changes to funding in higher education. NTU currently has the second highest number of animal science undergraduates in the UK (HESA 2011/12) studying courses in equine, animal, wildlife and veterinary sciences.

    Investment in facilities: The Mary King Arena

    Opened by six-time Olympian Mary King in 2012, the Mary King Indoor Arena is 60 x 40 metres with a Prowax sand riding surface. Equipped for show jump and dressage training, the arena is also used for research allowing horses to be loose schooled and recorded for technical analysis.

    The equestrian centre also includes an outdoor riding school, research arena, livery, cross country schooling paddock, horse walker and  performance analysis room that houses a mechanical horse, iJoy Ride, Balimo Chair, Tekscan Pressure testing equipment and mirrors which are utilised for industry clinics and workshops.

    Investment in research: Rider performance

    Gaining international recognition, the equestrian team at Nottingham Trent University have been using state-of-the-art technology to compare the visual strategies of riders of varying experience, providing the first detailed insight into the gaze behaviour of elite equestrian athletes.

    The findings from this research have the potential to be applied in elite equestrian training and to significantly improve performance in equestrian sports. By understanding the visual behaviour of successful show jumpers, NTU academics are able to assist in the training of up-and-coming riders, as well as providing ‘safer’ training programmes for novice riders.

    Progression: Level Three to PhD

    Many students come to Brackenhurst campus after school and undertake a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Horse Management which gives them the necessary UCAS tariff score to progress onto degree level with Nottingham Trent University. Similarly successful undergraduates are supported in progressing onto the postgraduate Master of Science (MSc) in Equine Health and Welfare.

    This flexible, laddered approach to learning ensures students can shape their study to include the right balance of skills and experience for their chosen career path in the equine industry.

    Nottingham Trent University

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    Horse Management, Level 3 Extended Diploma

    Sport Horse Management and Coaching, FdSc

    Equine Sports Science, BSc (Hons)

    Equestrian Psychology and Sports Science, BSc (Hons)

    Equine Health and Welfare, MRes / MSc

    Sports Science (Equine), MRes

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