Show your support for Horses4Homes [PROMOTION]

“All horses have the right to a loving home with a responsible owner.”

If you agree with our patron’s statement please “like” our Facebook page and show your support. By being a part of our rehoming community you will be kept up to date with all the new horses that become available for rehoming.

Even if you are not looking for a new horse perhaps you know someone who is and can play your part to help promote the horses to potential new owners and loanees.

With your help so many more homes could be found for the ever growing numbers of horses whose owners through no fault of their own can continue to keep them.

All our owners have foregone any sale price for their horse and care passionately about finding it the most appropriate, suitable, forever home.

Each and every potential new owner or loanee will be subject to the same unique screening process offered by Horses4Homes coupled with a tailormade agreement outlining responsibility.

The state of the art online application system has found numerous owners homes for their horses which far surpass their expectations as evidenced by the testimonials on its site.

Please play your part — like our Facebook page and help find a horse a home.

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