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Ruggles Equestrian, established in 2006, prides itself on its huge collection of rugs for equines of all shapes and sizes. The dark depths of winter are a tough time both mentally and physically for horse owners and horses alike so, whether your horse is kept stabled or turned out, or if you just need an extra layer of warmth when travelling, Ruggles is here to ensure you are able to meet all of your horses’ rug needs.


Diane Leake, owner and director of Ruggles, says: “Ruggles horse rugs and accessories are made from the best materials and to our own design. We sell quality horse rugs at affordable prices.”

The Ruggles range of horse, pony, Shetland/miniature/donkey rugs are designed to fit virtually every horse/pony while also being affordable for any kind of budget. In addition to having such a large variety of sizes on offer, the Ruggles range includes heavyweight turnout rugs, which are perfect for your horse’s Winter Warmers wish list.


Warm and snuggly, the Ruggles Heavyweight 1200D Teflon Coated Combo Turnout Horse Rugs are made from 1200d waterproof and breathable outer fabric and have been Teflon coated for extra protection, repellence and to help resist staining.


The company’s triple layer wicking fleece is fantastic after hunting, exercise or bathing as the moisture wicks to the outer surface of the rug in no time leaving your horse/pony warm and dry beneath. It is also excellent in cold weather as just an extra layer – a real good all rounder and a great Winter Warmers gift!


Ruggles horse rugs are also available at many shows and exhibitions around the country, a great way to feel the quality of these horse rugs before buying. You can contact Ruggles to find out where you can meet their horse rug team here.

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