How can NAF Five Star OPTIMUM Feed Balancer help your horse? [Promotion]

NAF’s brand new Five Star Optimum Feed Balancer has been designed especially for your five-star horse.


Take a look at the following five star quality points to see why:

*OPTIMUM restores and maintains five star condition, topline and health

*OPTIMUM maximises the nutritional value of the daily feed ration

*OPTIMUM optimises the health and efficiency of the digestive system

*OPTIMUM is easy to feed — a palatable, pellet with great sugar free flavour

*OPTIMUM provides the best supplement specification

OPTIMUM is the product of choice for every horse, from family pony to performance athlete, it is clearly the optimum choice for all.


Want to know more about Optimum?…

What nutritional benefits will OPTIMUM give my horse?

Feeding OPTIMUM as part of the daily diet allows you to feed your horse as naturally as possible.

OPTIMUM provides multi-factored gut support to address all aspects of digestive health. Importantly the live probiotic yeast content is heat protected to ensure it maintains viability through the pelleting process.

OPTIMUM includes prebiotics, herbal support of the digestive system and multi-source antacids to mop up excess acids through the tract, making it the perfect option for all horses and ponies demonstrating any signs of gut upset or stress which commonly lead to poor condition.

OPTIMUM provides a broad spectrum of all essential vitamins, minerals and key amino acids.

OPTIMUM contains a unique complex of naturally sourced antioxidants, which work in synergy with vitamin E and organic selenium to flush away excess free radical toxins from the system.

OPTIMUM supports the health of the blood.  Ingredients including copper, cobalt, zinc and Vitamin B complexes provide valuable nutritional support for the blood and energy utilisation.

OPTIMUM supports healthy growth and repair. Key amino acids work synergistically with the antioxidant ingredients to aid naturally healthy tissue growth and muscle integrity.


How do I feed OPTIMUM?

The unique concentrated, highly palatable pelleted formula means that OPTIMUM can be simply added to your horse’s daily feed as required.

Plus, there is a huge bonus for those who don’t need a daily hard feed.  The great flavour means that horses and ponies will happily take their daily OPTIMUM either

*simply added to chaff *feed on its own *straight from your hand

Importantly, OPTIMUM is formulated to be fed safely alongside any other additional, specifically targeted feed or supplements, as it provides only those nutrients required to meet the natural daily requirement, making the ideal choice to complete a bespoke feeding programme.

Optimise your horse’s daily diet, feed OPTIMUM every day for optimal condition, topline and health.