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    Lovely-Skin-all-Year-RoundKate Jones BSc(Hons). Senior Nutritionist at NAF.

    For many, winter skin care will start with clipping, not only allowing the horse to work in comfort but also preventing the build-up of unwanted sweat and excess grease within the hair. Hot toweling, post clipping is a great way to ensure the freshly clipped coat receives a thorough deep clean and looks great.

    If you’re new to hot towelling here’s a quick guide:-

    • Mix one capful of Love the Skin He’s In Skin Wash into 5L of hot water. The hotter the better, but obviously don’t use boiling water and ensure your hands are comfortable in it.
    • Immerse the free NAF Deep Cleansing Towel in the water and wring out thoroughly

    • Rub across the coat in both directions (with and against the hair) to lift dirt and excess grease.

    Hot towelling should be a good work out for you as well as a great deep clean for your horse!

    Keeping horses rugged over winter keeps them warm and, of course, clean! Unfortunately rugging alone does not keep the coat in good condition, indeed, it often seems to exacerbate the issue. It’s not unusual for skin challenges such as odd lumps and bumps or frustrating itch reactions to be particularly seen through the cooler months.

    The unique elements of the Skin Wash work in herbal synergy to optimise skin health whatever the challenge. Again using the Deep Cleansing Towel, apply Love the Skin He’s In Skin Wash undiluted to the affected area. Leave on and reapply as necessary. Where the horse is getting stuck into a frustrating ‘itch / scratch’ vicious circle then use Love the Skin He’s In Skin Wash together with Love the Skin He’s In Skin Spray to comfort irritated areas. To support repair of affected areas apply Love the Skin He’s In Skin Salve, a light, soothing lotion which will absorb into the affected area without leaving any unpleasant residue.

    Dietary Support

    For persistent or recurrent skin challenges it is often necessary to approach from all angles – external and internal. So in addition to using Love the Skin He’s In Skin Wash, improve his diet nutritionally with targeted support from Love the Skin He’s In Skin Supplement. The Skin Supplement is high in naturally sourced, scientifically verified antioxidants to flush out the build-up of damaging free radicals from the system. These free radicals are at the base of any hypersensitive or allergic skin reaction seen in the horse. Free radicals are not only part of the trigger of the response, but also certainly involved in the acceleration and angry red reaction so often seen. Supplementing with targeted antioxidants supports a calm, soothed skin in all skin challenged horses and ponies.

    A combination of the right dietary support and innovative natural applications will ensure coat condition and skin health are ready for the season ahead.

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