Laminitis Revolution logoBack in the spring more than 2,000 horse owners watched “The Laminitis Revolution” online programme. This revealed how a revolution in the veterinary understanding of the causes of laminitis has led to a new proactive approach in managing laminitis in order to help reduce the risk of future painful episodes.

The programme received rave reviews from owners struggling with this debilitating disease and we have planned an unmissable sequel for the autumn, which will be broadcast on The Laminitis Revolution’ returns on 9 October at 8pm at

Focusing on laminitis and the Cushing’s connection, the second broadcast will feature presentations by leading experts — Dr Jo Ireland, veterinary epidemiologist at the Animal Health Trust; David Rendle, European specialist in equine internal medicine, Liphook Equine Hospital; and Dr Teresa Hollands, RNutr, equine nutritionist. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who has struggled with laminitis to further their knowledge.