The John Whitaker Winter Rug Guide [Promotion]

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    With autumn nearing ever closer, it’s time to start thinking about your winter rugging options. Whether your horse is kept stabled or turned out, or if you just need an extra layer of warmth when travelling, there is a John Whitaker rug to suit any purpose, horse or style!

    In The Stable

    Whether there’s a slight chill in the air or you’re battling freezing conditions, there is a John Whitaker stable rug for any weather. View the full range of stable rugs.

    Brand new to the Whitaker range is the Vivid R037 Stable Rug. With a bright, royal blue turnout hind cover and blazing yellow pipe, this stand-out rug is perfect for injecting colour into the grey winter months. The double chest and belly surcingles help to keep the rug in place, while the tall shoulder gusset doesn’t restrict movement and the 300g fill is perfect for cold winter nights.

    R037RRP £75
    Sizes Available: 5’6 – 6’9

    The bestselling JW1925 Union Jack Stable Rug is perfect for sub-zero weather and features an impressive 450g fill, with double surcingles across the chest and belly and a padded tail guard. This snug fit and heavy quilt maintains a layer of warm air between the rug and your horse providing excellent insulation, and the 100% nylon outer keeps breezes and drafts out. Combined with the matching JW1925H hood (sold separately), this rug is the perfect defence against even the coldest of winters.

    If 450g is too heavy for your needs, this rug is also available in 300g fill.

    JW1925RRP £120
    Sizes available: 5’3 – 6’9

    For milder weather look no further than the Whitaker R048 Black & Yellow Stable Rug. With its striking black and yellow colour scheme and bold Whitaker logo, this rug is ideal for standing out! The windproof outer and 240g fill is perfect for chilly nights, and the durable outer is windproof and wipe down clean for convenience.

    R048RRP £70
    Sizes Available: 5’6 – 6’9

    In the Field

    Designed to protect against wet, windy and chilly weather, all of the John Whitaker turnout rugs are designed with double chest and belly surcingles to stop your horse wriggling free. View the full range of turnout rugs.

    The bold black and yellow rug is also available as a turnout rug – the Whitaker R047 Turnout Rug. The wind and showerproof outer keeps your horse dry and draft free, and the large tail flap stops any cold chills getting in. A 120g fill also helps your horse retain precious body heat.

    R047RRP £75
    Sizes Available: 5’6 – 6’9

    The newest addition to the rug line-up is the Whitaker R035 Turnout Rug. The 200g fill and turnout outer keep out chills, wind and rain and when combined with the matching R051 hood (sold separately) offers head to tail protection from the elements.

    R035RRP £90
    Sizes Available: 5’6 – 6’9

    Lightweight Rugs

    The Whitaker CHR rug is ideal for cool nights in the stable or as a lightweight travel rug. The eye-catching red, white and blue checked design is finished with a navy binding, navy surcingle straps and a red embroidered Whitaker W on the hindquarters.

    CHRRRP £40
    Sizes Available: 5’3 – 6’9

    For travelling to and from shows, the Whitaker R029 Soft Fleece rug is a stylish alternative to the traditional show rug. Made entirely from a super soft fleece, this navy rug is finished with a contrast red pipe and red embroidered logo on the hind quarters. The wither protection and fleece inner helps your horse stay clean when travelling, and helps to absorb and wick away sweat and moisture after competing.

    R029RRP £40
    Sizes Available: 5’3 – 6’9

    The sporty R028 Fleece Crest Rug features an embroidered shield logo on the hind quarters and is emblazoned with the signature John Whitaker stripes along the neckline. Made from a soft fleece and bound with a stylish and durable PU, this versatile rug is ideal as either a travel rug or a patriotic red, white and blue show rug.

    R028RRP £50
    Sizes Available: 5’3 – 6’9

    To view the entire range, visit johnwhitaker.com

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