Harry Hall One Club: what will you do with YOUR savings? *Promotion*

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We know how it is, with horses. While a £40 pair of jeans may be pushing the boat out, you think nothing of spending twice that having your horse shod… every six weeks.

But a horse who works hard and gives you so much fun and enjoyment deserves care, comfort and appreciation. He deserves to benefit from new technology, to have relief from flies in summer, and a soft numnah to protect his back… it’s just such a bore having to shop around for a snap sale online to manage the costs when buying essentials.

And with the average horse owner spending £600-£900 on equestrian gear for them and their horse each year, it pays to hunt around for the best deals.

Now you don’t have to. Harry Hall One Club membership gives you access to 30% off all year round from all our brands. Here’s how it would work for Sarah and her mare Rosie based on what she needed last year.

In summer she bought:

Caldene fly veil
Retail price: £18
One Club price: £12.60


Wildwash flea and bug repellent for dogs and horses
Retail price: £14.95
One club price: £11.21


Caldene sheepskin half pad (all for Rosie’s comfort)
Retail price: £80
One Club price: £56
Tottie blouson jacket
Retail price: £55
One Club price: £38.50



Protechmasta leg wraps
Retail price: £65
One Club price: £45.50


Fieldmasta fixed neck 100g turnout rug
Retail price: £100
One Club price: £70


Immun-Ocean Pure feed supplement 4kg
Retail price: £65
One Club price: £45.50



Harry Hall navy softshell gloves
Retail price: £20
One Club price: £14

Caldene Buckland long leather boots

Retail price: £220
One Club price: £154


Woofmasta hi-viz flashing dog collar
Retail price: £14
One Club price: £9.80



Harry Hall Bentley women’s denim jodhpurs — because they just begged to go into her basket
Retail price: £47
One Club price: £32.90


Cottage Craft fillis stirrup 
Retail price: £34.99
One Club price: £24.49

Caldene overreach sheepskin boots

Retail price: £24
One club price: £16

Total retail price: £757.94
Total Harry Hall One Club price £530.56
Sarah’s total saving with 30% off: £227.38

Sarah says:

“The savings mean I have some spare money to enjoy some non-horsey activities too. That’s a fair few fizz Fridays with friends covered and even a nice meal out with my husband to ensure he remains a not too reluctant groom at shows!”

Harry Hall One Club

Annual membership of just £40 gives you an incredible package:

  • £10m public liability insurance
  • £10,000 personal accident insurance
  • 30% off at www.harryhall.com all year round
  • First refusal to attend exclusive free events and much more

Click here to find out more.


Sarah saved roughly 363 bags of carrots or an all-expenses paid trip to Badminton. What would you spend yours on?

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