Enter your horse in a competition to win a WeatherBeeta rug wardrobe! [Promotion]

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    #WeatherBeeta wants to share with H&H readers the best rug choice from the WeatherBeeta range for all lucky horse owners with a #RugFriendly horse.

    Is this your horse? If so a #WeatherBeetaFreestyle rug will be the best option — it is the ultimate in long-lasting quality and comfort. Another good choice is the #WeatherBeetaOriginal for a more affordable option that benefits from our more than 35 years’ experience creating long lasting comfortable rugs. Find out more http://bit.ly/15SGx7V

    And enter our #Competition today to win a WeatherBeeta Winter Rug Wardrobe. Just share your #HorseType, upload a picture and tell us your story. Enter here: http://bit.ly/15SGx7V

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