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When showing, breeding, or transporting horses is a major part of your life, there are certain items that you can’t afford to skimp on. The horseboxes with which you entrust the safety of your equine beauties is the most important of these.

However, knowing you’re in the market for a new horsebox is one thing. Actually determining which of the many options out there on the market is right for you is quite another.

Getting to the bottom of what’s important

Tapnerventing Coach

Of course most consumers are going to be concerned with price point, a sleek appearance that’s meant to impress, and many other features. But keeping your animals safe and comfortable should always be the primary concern when choosing a horsebox.

It’s more than just the responsibility you have to your valuable animals. You have the same responsibility to the other drivers that will be sharing the road with your box, other passengers that will be going along for the ride with you, and yourself as well. Making the right choice ensures a safe, worry and stress-free experience for everyone.

The bespoke horsebox: every riders dreamBEspoke Horsebox

Obviously, most horse owners and enthusiasts are going to have tastes that are ultra-discriminating.

That said, a custom-built creation designed and constructed to order from the ground up is going to be the most desired option in the eyes of both the consumers and the bona fide experts. But not everyone has the know-how or the resources necessary to handle such an undertaking on their own.

Thankfully, there is a whole new breed of coachbuilders out there — coachbuilders that have elevated the art of designing, refurbishing, and building horseboxes into an art form in and of itself. Empire Coachbuilders is one of the most mentioned names in the industry today for a good reason.

A look at what’s available

Sofa AreaThose currently in the market for a horsebox will be pleasantly surprised at what’s available as far as the options.

For example, many models and set-ups bring the wonders of modern technology into the mix by allowing the owner to keep an eye on the horses during transit via an internal camera system. (this is an especially popular option for riders that go on the road with their animals for long periods, travelling from show to show.)

Accommodation for human passengers has evolved to be quite luxurious indeed. A variety of fine finishes are available — everything from sleek wood finishes in teak or oak, to beautiful leather upholstery, to fully equipped wet rooms that feature electric toilets. Extra amenities such as adjustable shelving, built-in grills, electric iceboxes, satellite TV, and even microwaves are also offered in many of today’s most sought after options.

A wealth of custom optionsCooker

Empire has been building a solid reputation for the sheer number of customised modern options the consumer has access to.

The company operates out of fully modernized workshops located in the West Midlands and specialises in tackling everything from refurbishment of an existing horsebox that simply needs a little sprucing up, to conversion projects, to custom bespoke builds from the ground up.

Customers can bring as much to the table as they like as far as existing materials (for example, Empire can easily build on to a currently owned chassis.) The company can also work with a simple list of needed dimensions and requirements to provide the consumer and their animals with a horsebox capable of fully and safely meeting all of their needs. Boxes can be constructed to safely house and transport competition horses, showjumpers, racehorses, hunters, and more.

Getting a custom horsebox constructed on a budget

Kitchen AreaWhile it’s recommended that every serious rider and horse owner alike considers getting their hands on a customised horsebox, such an undertaking can be cost-prohibitive.

Service providers like Empire are part of an emerging value system that views custom-built, precision horseboxes as the type of thing that every rider is entitled to.

As a result, options like vehicle financing are becoming more and more mainstream, even in regards to fully custom-built options like the full-scale coaches Empire offers its clientele. The same options are available if you’re simply looking to refurbish, update, or service an existing horsebox as well.

Fantastic customer serviceCooker and Units

The modern rider expects more than just a great project in exchange for their hard-earned wages and patronage.

With the modern consumer becoming busier and busier all the time, service providers like Empire are rising to the occasion by providing free collection and delivery services to clientele. Each coach and horsebox transport is also 100% British built and serviced to guarantee the integrity of the products.

Deciding what’s best for you and your horses

Exterior HorseboxIf you’re going to be having your coach designed from the ground up or completely refurbished, this is an excellent time to think about what features you and your horse would get the most use out of.

Consider prioritising features like loading ramps and large windows to help make entering, exiting, and travelling in the horsebox as stress-free and enjoyable as possible for your animals. If you tend to travel with your animals or attend shows during hot or chilly weather, air conditioning and heating can also go a long way toward making the commute easier.

If you already partake in long journeys for show purposes (or are planning to at some point in the future), consider speaking to an Empire representative about amenities that can make long-term life on the road easier for you, your passengers, and your horses. Horse power showers, built-in internet access, and washing machines are just a few of the possible options available, making empire your home away from home.

Exploring the full range of possibilities

Horsebox StableAt the end of the day, having a custom horsebox built or created is a big decision. However, it’s definitely one that proves to be worth it for the dedicated breeder, rider, or show enthusiast. Explore the incredibly array of possibilities today!

For more information on Empire Coachbuilders and their latest selection of coaches, horseboxes, and services,
visit www.empirecoachbuilders.com or call 01562825710.

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