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    Welcome to the third episode of The Champion Safety Series, a Horse & Hound Podcast Advertising Series, in which our regular host Pippa Roome talks to the British Horse Society and British Riding Clubs’ Rachael Hollely-Thompson and Champion’s Helen Riley about why body protectors are important for riders of all levels and how they work to help keep riders safe.

    This is the third in a six-part podcast series, produced in partnership with Champion. You can listen online here or via your favourite podcast app.

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    What’s in The Champion Safety Series podcast: episode three

    In this episode of the series, Champion’s Helen Riley shares details of a study that found the location of the largest percentage of injuries in riders was the chest region (54%), while head injuries were next at 48% and injuries to the abdomen were third most common at 22%.

    Body protectors are designed to offer maximum protection to the rider’s trunk from injury, yet many riders do not wear them as standard, unlike helmets, which are widely worn at all times when mounted.

    Helen says: “Not as many people wear body protectors as helmets – I’m not quite sure why they haven’t been taken on board – but if you look at the stats and research, body protection is just as important as head protection.”

    Rachael Hollely-Thompson of the British Horse Society and British Riding Clubs recommends going to an expert retailer to be professionally fitted when buying a body protector, rather than simply ordering one off the peg. This gives you the chance to check the item is comfortable to wear in the saddle and to have an expert adjust the fitting to suit your body shape. Rachael says: “When you are going to make an outlay on a safety item, take the time to make sure it’s right in the beginning by trying it on.”

    The use of body protectors in competition is increasing, with the British Show Pony Society recently making them mandatory for all working hunter classes held under its rules, but Rachael believes they should be worn by all riders regardless of whether they are competitive or not.

    Rachael says: “I think body protectors should be the norm, not just in competition. I don’t think there is any other piece of equipment that you would just put on for a competition day. You should be training in it at home, so it doesn’t feel new or different when you’re at the competition. Even for hacking – we all know the dangers we face out riding on the road – it’s just as important, perhaps even more so, to ensure you are as protected as you can possibly be.”

    Listen to more advice on why it’s important to wear professionally fitted body protection, including how to choose the right body protector for your needs and how best to look after your safety item in this episode of The Champion Safety Series, a Horse & Hound Podcast Advertising Series.

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