Arena saver adLast year’s winter weather again closed or badly affected many outdoor arenas. For some the disruption was merely inconvenient, but for many others the disruption resulted in a serious loss of precious riding time and business income that could not be recovered.

Arenasaver can keep your riding arena open for business without the need for a costly roof.

Arenasaver prevents waterlogging and frosting and will prevent organic materials such as leaves and other airborne debris from contaminating your arena surface. The waterproof cover is made of a purpose-made reinforced transparent material. This is tough enough to allow quad bikes and tractors with brush attachments to drive on to the cover to help with snow and excess water clearance.

Each Arenasaver Air Roller System comes supplied with a uniquely designed inflatable roller ready for deployment. Firstly, inflate the roller easily and quickly using the air blower supplied. The cover is then rolled out covering your arena in a matter of minutes by one to two people depending on the size of the cover.

After the bad weather has cleared, simply roll the cover back up to the parked position at the end of the arena where it can be stored neatly in readiness for the next time it is needed. The roller can either be kept fully inflated when stored or can be deflated, thus making it more discreet.

Call Arenasaver today (tel: 01642 718945) for a quote or email And visit the Arenasaver website to see the Arenasaver Air Roller System in action.

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Benefits of using Arenasaver:

  • Never need to cancel an event due to bad weather
  • Increase your income
  • Cover your arena in minutes
  • Prevent waterlogging, frost and snow
  • Keep organic material off your arena

The unique Arenasaver, manufactured exclusively by the MMC Group (est 1963) is made from the highest quality materials designed specifically for protecting equestrian arenas and is supplied with a fully comprehensive warranty. Arenasaver is the sister product of Matchsaver, Europe’s leading weatherproof cover system