Ecogrid tileEcogrid® SOFTGROUND is a new high-function floor tile system for equestrian sports. Due to the soft and extremely tough rubber blend, Ecogrid® SOFTGROUND offers shock-absorbing and joint-gentle properties. It also guarantees optimum grip and stability for horses in wet conditions.

The stabilising Ecogrid® substructure functions as an air cushion and offers extremely high levels of acoustic and thermal insulation. This in turn leads to reduced bedding costs and maintenance expense on the one hand, while protecting horses from ground cold, thus preventing chill-related diseases.

For use in:

  • Boxes and stables
  • Paddocks and open stables
  • Exercise yards
  • Foot and bridle paths
  • Feeding areas
  • Combined standing and lying areas
  • Washing pens and washing areas
  • Recovery rooms in veterinary clinics
  • Mobile floors in tent stables and paddock sheds
  • Mobile floors in horseboxes

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  • Unique heat insulation
  • Highly shock-absorbing, gentle on joints
  • Extreme surface stability
  • Reduced levels of daily maintenance and cleaning
  • Significant bedding savings
  • Makes it easier to muck out
  • Extremely robust and hygienic
  • Compatible with the ECORASTER system
  • Easy to handle, simple to install
  • No need for adhesives
  • Single tiles can be replaced at any time
  • Two grades of tile for different degrees of wear
  • Also ideal for uneven surfaces

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