Victoria Foods Extravaganza driving results, 8-9 September 2012

  • Open in-hand.– 1, M Howell’s Gwenllan Gwilym (C Howell); 2, H Stevens’ Parcgwyn Spirit (E Stevens). rag tag & bob tails.– 1, W Bryant’s Pickles (F White); 2, E Planson’s Magic. open nov private drive.– 1, G Dowle’s Charlie. exercise vehicle exc 13.2hh.– 1, A Birch’s Penclose Wotsit (R Ralph); 2, M Venner’s Polmesk Renagade; 3, L Davis’ Whinston & Seva Gentleman Jim (P Manders). show turnout.– 1, J Hollister’s Brookeborough Duke (A Hamilton-Rhodes); 2, Mr & Mrs B Honeywell’s Atlowsprings Good Friday (A Honeywell); 3, K Howard’s Mojo. open pleasure drive exc 13.2hh.– 1, S Johnson’s Toby. open private drive exc 13.2hh.– 1, Brookeborough Duke; 2, Atlowsprings Good Friday; 3, Mojo. open private drive 13.2hh & under.– 1, J Randall’s Teddy Boy; 2, A Staniland’s Chasecroft Troy Tempest; 3, S Burrows’ Buttons. road drive.– 1, Toby; 2, T Planson’s Rocky Express; 3, C Planson’s Darcie’s Rolo. concours d’elegance exc 13.2hh.– 1, Parcgwyn Spirit; 2, Mojo; 3, R Green’s Lady Tara (B Green). 13.2hh & under.– 1, W P J Semmens’ Hidden Hollow Nash, Hidden Hollow Ryan, Prf Ovations Jack, Prf Zoom Zoom, Sparkle Plentys Black Tie; 2, M Ryder-Gordon’s Murphy & Shilstone Rocks Hazelnut; 3, S Burrows’ Buttons & Smarties. 2-wheeler, light trade & coachman.– 1, C Fountain’s Bookham Lodge Dallas; 2, K Howman’s Philmarsh Sam; 3, J Boardman’s Prince Lambert. novice hackney pony to a show wagon/viceroy.– 1, Mr & Mrs B Turner’s Heartland Code Breaker (G Turner); 2, J Chicken’s Stapleford First Edition (A Sparrowhawk); 3, C Howell’s Sunbeam Little Prince. 4-wheeler, light trade & coachman.– 1, Darcie’s Rolo; 2, R Cordery’s Boxmoor Marlow; 3, W Bryant’s Brylee Magic Jnr & Brylee Bobby Dazzler. novice hackney horse to a show wagon/viceroy.– 1, R Carter’s Perrybridge Romany Prince. light trade & coachman ch.– 1, Rocky Express; 2, Bookham Lodge Dallas; 3, Boxmoor Marlow. hackney pony to a show wagon/viceroy.– 1, J Sparrowhawk’s Heartland Top Of His Class; 2, C McIntosh’s Seamar Simply Marvellous. open hackney private drive.– 1, Brookeborough Duke; 2, J Howell’s Aghaderg Stand And Deliver; 3, J Howell’s Foreward Sensation. hackney horse to a show wagon/viceroy.– 1, Perrybridge Romany Prince; 2, M Hardy’s Sam Van Semarang; 3, J Peters’ Brookfield Mark Of Success. hackney to a show wagon or viceroy ch.– 1, Heartland Top Of His Class; 2, Perrybridge Romany Prince; 3, Sam Van Semarang. open show wagon.– 1, Gwenllan Gwilym; 2, S Crowe’s Twyloch William, 3, G Dowle’s Charlie (R Allen). ride & drive.– 1, A Staniland’s Chasecroft Troy Tempest. Welsh reg sec A, B & C.– 1, T Morris’ Drysiog Daniel Ap Jet (V Morris). open pleasure driving 13.2hh & under.– 1, H King’s Baddesley Rosleo; 2, N Buxton’s Bindon Sir Lancelot; 3, J Vaniwaarden’s Lowhouse Maestro. lady & gentleman whip.– 1, J Hollister’s Heartland Red Rocket (N Salter); 2, Chasecroft Troy Tempest; 3, Drysiog Daniel Ap Jet. exercise vehicle exc 13.2hh.– 1, Toby; 2, A Rickard’s Holly; 3, Darcie’s Rolo. open showman.– 1, Heartland Top Of His Class; 2, Heartland Red Rocket; 3, K Pearson-Miller’s Jd’s El Dorado. pair, multiple, tandem.– 1, Murphy & Shilstone Rocks Hazelnut; 2, Buttons & Smarties; 3, Whinston & Seva Gentleman Jim. Shetland.– 1, Whinston & Seva Gentleman Jim; 2, Baddesley Rosleo. single Welsh reg sec D.– 1, Parcgwyn Spirit. junior whip.– 1, P Holcombe’s Westbourne Highflyer (T Ambrose); 2, M Bartram’s Bracken. veteran horse/pony.– 1, T Merchant’s Jeremy Fisher; 2, K Hill’s Llecroyd Viking. veteran drivers.– 1, Atlowsprings Good Friday; 2, Murphy & Shilstone Rocks Hazelnut; 3, Llecroyd Viking. country vehicle.– 1, JD’s El Dorado; 2, Jeremy Fisher. south western exercise vehicle ch.– 1, Penclose Wotsit; 2, Toby. south western pleasure vehicle ch.– 1, Baddesley Rosleo; 2, N Buxton’s Wayland Easter Princess (J Gibson). junior whip ch.– 1, Westbourne Highflyer; 2, Penclose Wotsit. private drive national ch.– 1, Brookeborough Duke; 2, Forewood Sensation; 3, Heartland Red Rocket. supreme show ch.– Brookeborough Duke; res, Forewood Sensation.

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