Atherstone team chasing results, 23 September 2012

  • Novice (bogey time).– 1, Who Ate All the Brocklesby’s Pies (S Dore, M Marple, H Kinsella, J Burgess); 2, Inspiration (H Moodie, L Peachy, C Wright); 3, Tally Ho Fillies & Ginge (P Davies, M Ellingworth, J Smith, L Ritchie); 4, Galloping Girlies; 5, More Cunning Stunts; 6, All Boobs No Brakes. intermediate.– 1, Art Hotel Racers (G Wright, S Myhill, J Goss, C Davey) 3.51.36; 2, Point Two TopSpec Hair Raisers (M Cramb, P Thomason, A Shipley, L Brown) 3.56.04; 3, Monster Team (T Gittins, B Allen, S Coady, L Morgan) 3.58.72; 4, Wear The Fox Hat; 5, Equiform Farmers Bloodhounds; 6, Team Ride Away. Material Change open.– 1, Art Hotel Chasers (S Myhill, Y Goss, H Moodie, L Siedel) 4.41.58; 2, Cunning Stunts (P Buckley, B Furnival, D Watts, S Tideswell) 4.58.81; 3, Welsh Wizards (N Jones, C Jones, G Coe, K Morgan) 5.00.29; 4, Lycetts; A Class Act.

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