Olympic showjumping teams: who’s heading to Tokyo?

  • As the countdown to the equestrian competitions at the Tokyo Olympic Games continues, selection committees around the world have chosen their Olympic showjumping teams.

    Under the new Olympic showjumping format, teams will be made up for three horses and rider combinations, meaning there will be no drop score and all three will count towards the overall team result.

    So who’s made the grade and who’s missed out on the chance to compete in the Olympic showjumping competition? Here are the latest lists, updated from the FEI definite entries…

    Olympic showjumping teams: latest updates

    Argentina’s showjumping team

    • Matias Albarracin on Cannavaro 9
    • José María Larocca on Finn Lente
    • Fabián Sejanes on Emir
    • Alternate: Martín Dopazo on Quintino 9

    Australia’s individual representatives

    • Edwina Tops-Alexander with Identity Vitseroel
    • Katie Laurie on Casebrooke Lomond

    Belgian showjumping team

    • Niels Bruynseels with Delux Van T&L
    • Jérôme Guéry with Quel Homme De Hus
    • Gregory Wathelet with Nevados S
    • Alternate: Pieter Devos with Claire Z

    Brazil’s showjumping team

    • Marlon Zanotelli riding Edgar M
    • Yuri Mansur riding Alfons
    • Rodrigo Pessoa riding Carlitos Way 6
    • Alternate: Pedro Veniss riding Quabri De L’Isle

    Canada’s individual representative

    • Mario Deslauriers and Bardolina 2

    Non-travelling reserves are Amy Millar with Truman and Tiffany Foster on Northern Light.

    Chile’s individual representative

    • Samuel Parot and Dubai

    China’s showjumping team

    • You Zhang and Caesar
    • Zhenqiang Li and Uncas S
    • Yaofeng Li and Jericho Dwerse Hagen
    • Alternate: Xingjia Zhang and For Passion D Ive Z

    Colombia’s individual representative

    • Roberto Teran Tafur and Dez’ Ooktoff

    Czech Republic’s showjumping team

    • Anna Kellnerova and Catch Me If You Can Old
    • Ales Opatrny and Forewer
    • Kamil Papousek and Warness
    • Onrej Zvara and Cento Lano

    Denmark’s individual representative

    • Andreas Schou and Darc De Lux

    Dominican Republic’s individual representative

    • Hector Florentino Roca and Carnaval

    Egypt’s showjumping team

    • Mohamed Talaat and Darshan
    • Abdel Said and Bandit Savoie
    • Nayel Nassar and Igor Van De Wittemoere
    • Mouda Zevada and Galanthos SHK

    Spain’s individual representative

    • Eduardo Alvarez Aznar and Legend

    French showjumping team

    • Mathieu Billot and Quel Filou 13
    • Nicolas Delmotte and Urvoso Du Roch
    • Pénélope Leprevost and Vancouver De Lanlore
    • Alternate: Simon Delestre and Berlux Z

    Great Britain showjumping team

    Those selected for the British Olympic showjumping team are:

    German showjumping team

    • Daniel Deusser with Killer Queen
    • Christian Kukuk with Mumbai
    • André Thieme with DSP Chakaria
    • Alternate: Maurice Tebbel with Don Diarado

    Irish Olympic showjumping team

    • Bertram Allen with Pacino Amiro
    • Darragh Kenny with Cartello
    • Cian O’Connor with Kilkenny
    • Alternate: Shane Sweetnam with Karlin Van’t Vennehof

    The Irish reserve combination is Michael Duffy with Zilton SL Z.

    Israel’s showjumping team

    • Ashley Bond and Donatello 141
    • Teddy Vloke with Amsterdam 27
    • Albert Michan with Cosa Nostra
    • Alternate: Danielle G Waldman and Queensland E

    Italy’s individual representative

    • Emanuele Gaudiano riding Chalou

    Italy’s reserve rider is Riccardo Pisani and Chaclot.

    Japan’s showjumping team

    • Elken Sato and Saphyr Des Lacs
    • Koki Saito and Chilensky
    • Daisuke Fukushima and Chanyon
    • Alternate: Mike Kawai and As De Mai

    Jordan’s individual representative

    • Ibrahim Hani Bisharat and Blushing

    Latvia’s individual representative

    • Kristaps Neretnieks and Valour

    Morroco’s showjumping team

    • Ali Al Ahrach and Usa De Riverland
    • Abdelkebir Ouaddar and Istanbull VH Oolevaarsho
    • El Ghali Boukaa and Ugolino Du Clos
    • Alternate: Ali Al Ahrach and Golden Lady

    Mexico’s showjumping team

    • Enrique Gonzalez and Chacna
    • Eugenio Garza Perez and Armani Si Z
    • Manuel Gonzalez Dufrane and Hortensia Van De Leeuwerk
    • Alternate: Patricio Pasquel and Babel

    The Netherland’s showjumping team

    • Maikel van der Vleuten and Beauville Z
    • Willem Greve and Zypria S
    • Marc Houtzager and Dante
    • Alternate: Harrie Smolders and Bingo Du Parc

    New Zealand showjumping team

    • Bruce Goodin and Danny V
    • Daniel Meech and Cinca 3
    • Uma O’Neill and Clockwise Of Greenhill Z
    • Alternate: Tom Tarver and Popeye.

    Norway’s individual representative

    • Geir Gulliksen and Quatro

    Portugal’s individual representative

    • Luciana Diniz and Vertigo Du Desert

    Sri Lanka’s individual representative

    • Mathilda Karlsson and Chopin VA

    Switzerland’s showjumping team

    • Martin Fuchs riding Clooney 51
    • Steve Guerdat riding Venard De Cerisy
    • Beat Mändli riding Dsarie
    • Alternate: Bryan Balsiger riding Twentytwo Des Biches

    Swedish showjumping team

    The four horses and riders travelling to Tokyo to represent Sweden are:

    • Malin Baryard Johnsson riding Indiana
    • Peder Fredricson riding All In
    • Henrik von Eckermann riding King Edward
    • Alternate: Rolf-Göran Bengtsson riding Ermindo W

    Syria’s individual representative

    • Ahmad Saber Hamcho and Deville

    Chinese Taipei’s individual representative

    • Jasmine Shao-Man Chen and Benitus Di Vallerano

    Ukraine’s individual representative

    • Oleksandr Prodan and Casanova FZ

    USA showjumping team

    The reserves will be be:

    • Brian Moggre and Balou Du Reventon
    • Lucy Deslauriers and Hester

    When is the Olympic showjumping taking place in Tokyo?

    The Olympic showjumping competitions are taking place on 3-4 and 6-7 August 2021 at the equestrian park, which is located in Tokyo’s Heritage Zone. The individual medals will be awarded on 4 August with the team medals presented on 7 August.

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