Showjumper Craig Rimell taken to hospital after slipping on ice

  • Showjumper Craig Rimell has spent five days in hospital after slipping on ice.

    But the 40-year-old former whipper-in for the Albrighton turned jumper hopes to be back in saddle within the fortnight.

    “I walked out of my front door and fell over on the ice,” said Solihull-based Craig.

    “I tore a tendon, injured ligaments and bruised the bone. If you fell off a horse you’d accept that kind of damage, but to do it on your feet is embarrassing.

    “But I’m not going to be put off, and I’ve got to be ready in time for the shows in January. Besides, horse are my drug and I’m in need of a fix.”

    As well as show jumping, Craig works for trainer Ian Williams and rides and schools horses.

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