Pony Club triumph for Ellen Whitaker

  • Ellen Whitaker, 20, and Rockwood Pony Club member Jessica Crosby, 12, took first place in the Mini Major Relay at Olympia this afternoon. The pair, who know each other from home, completed the course in an unbeatable time of 49.18sec. Ben Maher and James Robertson (Fife Hunt) took second place with Italy’s Jonella Ligresti and Oliver Davies (Llangibby Hunt) in third.

    “I was screaming ‘kick, kick,kick’ from the middle of the ring,” Whitaker said afterwards. The win marked an emotional end to Crosby’s partnership with 12.2hh Coco Can. She will now begin riding a bigger pony.

    Meanwhile Whitaker has no less than four rides at Olympia. Her Mini Major Relay partner was a new mount, Tinity, who she has only ridden once before.

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