Nieberg triumphs in Traxdata Grand Prix

  • Traxdata Grand Prix, Olympia

    With the last round of the show, Germany’s Lars Nieberg snatched victory in the final Traxdata Grand Prix riding the fast finishing Loro Piana Esprit.

    Eight produced initial clear rounds over Frank Rothernberger’s up to height course and French rider Herve Godignon set an almost unbeatable standard from the outset riding Diams.

    “Every fence was a danger, but I has to try, as I knew what riders were still to come,” he said.

    The second upright then proved influential, as four of the following riders, including Tim Stockdale riding Wiston Bridget clipped the top rail, in their efforts to reduce the leading time.

    “It was a bad distance for us, but I have to be pleased as it is the end of a long week, and Bridget was just feeling the pace,” reflected Tim.

    German champion Ludger Beerbaum produced another classic clearround from Goldfever to go into second place, before an inspired round by fellow countryman Lars Nieberg riding his hannoverian Loro Piana Esprit took the spoils.

    Already at the gallop when racing through the start beams, Lars never took a pull, and the pair finishing to rousing cheers less than one second ahead.

    The Traxdata Grand Prix results: 1, Loro Piana Esprit (L Nieberg); 2, Diams (H Godignon); 3, Goldfever (L Beerbaum); 4, Landdame (F Sloothaak); 5, Helios (H Bourdy); 6, Traxdata Wiston Bridget (T Stockdale).

    For full results see www.olympiashowjumping.com

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