Meet Scope under-18 champion Laura Robinson

  • After notching up some good places at the Scope Festival last year, Laura Robinson clinched her first title, when Cree Cruiser produced a brilliant double clear round to win the Mitchell Moor Equestrian under 18 championship.

    “This was quite a technical course, with plenty of twists and turns in the jump off, but he has a massive stride and covers the ground well, and he is pretty agile on his turns. As we were early to go in the jump off, we had to go for it,” explained Laura, 17.

    Laura has enjoyed a successful four-year-partnership with Cree Cruiser who has helped the Yorkshire rider make a successful transition into senior ranks.

    After looking extensively at home and abroard for a suitable horse for a young rider, Laura’s father Neil asked Cree Cruiser’s former owner John Aird if they could try him.

    “Dad had competed against him (Cree Cruiser) when Alex Barr had the ride, and always thought he looked a really straightforward horse. As soon as I got on him, we clicked straight away,” explained Laura, who has only fallen off Cree Cruiser once when he slipped up at a water jump.

    “He’s quite strong, but for such a big horse (17.1hh) he rides very light and well mannered,” added Laura.

    As the Northallerton based rider is still in full-time education, riding and competing have to fit in around studying. While the horses are looked after by a groom, Laura rides at least two every day.

    “We give everything a day off after a show, and then mix hacking and flatwork in the school or cantering across the fields to keep them fit. He’s not a fussy eater, and is usually the perfect gentleman, although he is a bit sensitive around his ears,” said Laura, who is a huge fan of the Scope Festival.

    “It is one of my favourite shows. I love the atmosphere here and can remember finishing 10th in the tiny tots on my first visit here”.

    Scope Festival Friday results
    Independent Asset Management pony progressive championship 1eq, Ballyvellon Smooth Move (C Whinnett) & Ballybaloo (J Lunn); 3, Lahinch Katie (J Lunn). Mandy Hall National pony 1.15m members cup championship 1, Cisco Bay II (F Adams); 2, Unorthodox Blue (M Allen); 3, Bramblebrough Alan (D Watson). Mitchell Moor Equestrian under 18 championship. 1, Cree Cruiser (L Robinson); 2, Cornelius 27 (J Saywell); 3, Bonfire III (M Allen). George Babes young riders B&C championship. 1, Stakkato De Fee (R Howley); 2, Classic Highfly (J Mendoza); 3, Little Luidam (E Popely). The Old School Bamburgh National 128cm championship. 1, Dykebeck Wild Hazelnut (C Warde-Aldam); 2, My Little Sweetheart (J Hall-McAteer); 3, Tynebank Royal Jubilee (C McHattie). Jane Pownall National 138cm championship 1, Alfie III (G Babes); 2, Mr Jack Sparrow (K Taylor); 3, The Jacaloupe (O Poole). Sport Horse Classic Blue Riband championship 1, It’s Delux (R Walker); 2, Townhead Tallulah V (C Curtis); 3, Balou III (D Charles). BS National championship prelim. 1, Camiro De Haar Z (R Howley); 2, Step In Time III (S Price); 3, Emilla Van Het Scheefkasteel (R Howley). 1.30m/7yo/grade B consolation. 1, Sorento 5 (J Smith); 2, Vicaros (D Hughes); 3, Ulriqua II (A James). Mandy Hall pony 1.15m mc consolation. 1, Gearran Tire (H Hatteea); 2, Sprite III (S Holmes); 3, Irish Flash Harry (C Pyke-Jones). Autostop adventurer prelim. 1, McCormacks Stitch (M Fursedonn); 2, Zagrande (C Slater); 3, Kimba Rock (E Slater). Shaw Farm Stud National tiny tots prelim. 1, Just Dandy (T Jordan-Jones); 2, Little Twister (I Carpenter; 3, Tisrara Snowy (M Murphy). Katherine James 1.0m consolation. 1, Carlos VI (A Brown); 2, Dreamtime Concerto (A Hollinshead); 3, Zavanta (K Jackson). 4yo consolation. 1, Quinaldo (J Hardy); 2eq, Dangerfield (C West) & Ricashey (A Barr). Equiport National 5yo consolation. 1, Cecilo J.E (A Taylor); 2, Bally Cruising On (L Humphrey); 3, Enzo V (A Barr). Sports Horse Classic consolation. 1, Hey Boy (J Hardy); 2, Alonso N (K Willard); 3, Escapa Va (J Pyke). Sports Horse Classic Blue Riband prelim. 1, Steady The Helm (T Page); 2, Contessa Van De Zuuthoeve (E Slater); 3, Senator CC Catch (M Lucas). BS Business Partnership 6yo prelim. 1, Smirnov (P Spivey) 2, Remi Cavalleri (M Boddy); 3, Boa (A Thompson). Thermohomes Europe National 1.30m championship. 1, Elite K (R Howley); 2, Zegreanne Z (K Shore); 3, Univeau (P Miller).

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