Bruce Menzies becomes British national champion at Scope

  • Bruce Menzies lifted the British Showjumping national champion title with the sole treble clear on Old Lodge’s exciting International prospect Sultan.

    Only three accessed the daunting 1.60m jump-off, with Bruce’s opening clear taking the £7,000 first prize.

    “The fences were enormous, but he was eager to get at them,” said Bruce.

    Kerry Grimster hit the jackpot for a second time this week as Equissage discovery champion One Diamond added the Thermohomes adventurer to their tally.

    “I knew I had to be fast,” said Kerry, whose crucial turn inside a flower island clinched victory.

    Anthony Condon finished the Scope Festival week on a high. After taking HOYS newcomers and Foxhunter qualifying places with the British-bred Molly Malone earlier in the week, he scooped the Marsh six-year-old championship. “She’s something special,” he said.

    In a head-to-head, Kirsty Hardstaff on Omane Des Faux claimed the Halsall Electrical grade B title from Andrew Davies and Necker Platiere. “I played it safe for a clear, but he’s naturally quick,” said Kirsty, whose tactics paid handsomely.

    Pony riders struggled with a difficult, technically demanding Dunglenn 148cm track. Only James Whitaker and Cavalcade — to ringing cheers — matched Ireland’s Emma O’Dwyer’s two clears.

    James’ jump-off round had spectators on their feet, but despite being two sec faster, the double hit the floor to leave James in third.

    “I had two experienced ponies and just had to make sure I rode properly,” said Emma, 15, champion with Kalim De Montlieu and second on Jacknell Street.

    Efficiently negotiating a serpentine line of turns, Anya Brown took the pony British novice on Brooklands Dun Dreamer. “He’s ultra-careful and will drop and turn,” said Anya, 16, whose opening round in the 21-pony jump-off proved unassailable.

    Last year’s fastest four-faulter, Tara Byrtt, 10, returned to Stafford in 2010 to be crowned Shaw Farm Stud Tiny Tots champion on Coco Can. “I’ve saved him especially for this class,” said Tara, current Pony of the Year Show 11-year-old and under champ.

    In an exciting Bilton Ward mighty and midget relay, last-to-go team Beth Adams (Pedro De Bronski) and William Whitaker (Fonix) snatched victory. “Will was a great partner,” said Beth.

    Championship results

    Simon & Wendy Roe pony British nov ch. – 1, Brooklands Dun Dreamer (A Brown); 2, Future Role (H Tiley); 3, Twilight Thomas (A Dunlop). Thermohomes Europe adventurer ch. – 1, One Diamond (K Grimster); 2, Ballintogher Mustateer (M Thompson); 3, Unna VII (T Page). Halsall Electrical grade B ch.– 1, Omane Des Faux (K Hardstaff); 2, Necker Platiere (A Davies); 3, Verlindo (A Barton). Shaw Farm Stud tiny tots.– 1, Coco Can (T Byrtt); 2, Lindens Frosty (F Roberts); 3, Stilo Zebedee (J Whitaker). Geoffrey Robinson Dunglenn 148cm ch.– 1 & 2, Kalim De Montlieu & Jacknell Street (E O’Dwyer); 3, Cavalcade (J Whitaker). Bilton Ward Developments midget & mighty masters relay. – 1, Fonix (W Whitaker) & Pedro De Bronski (B Adams); 2, Acordio (L Pavitt) & Dereentique Toby (Z Smith); 3, Parvati De Breve (L Renwick) & Grey Palace (T Ward). Cushionbed gp. – 1, Sultan V (B Menzies); 2, Leonardo 590 (J Clayton); 3, Tin Tin (G Lovegrove). Marsh 6yo ch.– 1, Molly Malone V (A Condon); 2, Zomeroos (A Thompson); 3, Zed II (D Walsh).

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