“Standardisation” for pony classes

  • Plans to “standardise” rules for pony classes among the different showing societies were unveiled at the recent British Show Pony Society annual meeting.

    Chairman Jim McTiffin says: “We have had several meetings with other pony societies, such as the National Pony Society, Welsh Pony and Cob Society and Ponies (UK), to discuss a full range of subjects such as height of ponies, doping, passports and the like, and the way we can co-operate in the future.”

    If followed through, the changes would also mean that any disciplinary measure taken by one society against a member would be adhered to by other organisations. This would remove the current anomaly that, in theory, allows a competitor who is banned under BSPS rules from showing with another society such as Ponies (UK) or NPS.

    The level of co-operation already in place between the societies has been highlighted by a recent BSPS decision to invite other societies’ judges on to the Heritage flat and working hunter pony panels. As a result of this initiative, 40 leading native pony judges have now joined the BSPS panel.

  • A new Heritage class for native ponies will be staged at the RIHS this year, and it has been divided into four sections: Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland and Welsh section A; section B and C; New Forest and Connemara; and Fell, Dales, Highland and section D.
  • Read the full report from the BSPS AGM in Horse & Hound (4 March)

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