Showing results 23-24 June 2001

  • CHARM PARK, Wykeham, N Yorks, 24 June

    CROCKSTEAD PARK EC, 23-24 June

    ILPH SUMMER SHOW, Snetterton, Norfolk, 23 June

    KILMANNAN STUD Isle Of Wight, 24 June

    MIDLANDS IN-HAND NATIONAL, Three Counties sgd, Malvern, 23 June



    RED ROSE COUNTY Birchinley Manor, 23 June

    ILPH SUMMER SHOW, Snetterton, Norfolk, 23 June

    LR 1, Belchford Meleri (H Faulkner); 2, Briolen Tenko (C Place); 3, Daisy (H Booker). PUK Confined Novice M&M LR 1 & res, Haven Just a Jeanie (H Bland); 2, Belchford Meleri (H Belchford); 3, Cymbelines Xenia (L Nott). PUK Lobster Pot M&M LR 1 & Ch, Ceulan Champagne (M Morley); 2, Colne Natalia (H Booker); 3, Haven Just a Jeanie (H Bland) Mixed Height SHP 1, Whitehills Splash (K Bond); 2, Moelgarnedd Romano (C Sykes); 3, ILPH King Cole (E Marlow). Mixed height SP 1, Kingstone Blueboy (C Marsh); 2, Lycombe Chaffinch (L Dobson); 3, Oaklands Jack the Lad (E Shreeve).Ridden M&M Type 1, TwinCharm (H Daniels); 2, Mactavish (J Ives); 3, James (M Rostron). PUK Confined Novice Kingsford M&M 1 & res, Ceulan Champagne (M Morley); 2, Dargale Absolutely Fabulous (A Francis); 3, Rignell Auchentoshan (C Jenkins). PUK Kingsford M&M small 1, Dargale Absolutely Fabulous (A Francis); 2, Northlight Solero (L Tann); 3, Moelgarnedd Romano (C Sykes). PUK Kingsford M&M large 1 & Ch, Millgrove Sorrel (A Shaw-Smith); 2, Knockbridge Commander (V Cotton); 3, Martinside MountainAsh ¨ (L Harvey). Ridden Coloured 1, Murphy’s Dream (M White); 2, Tiger Joe (C Hickman); 3, Maenen Casi (J Lane-Blandford)PUK Commanchee – not exc 148 cm 1 & Ch, Special Draft (E Marlow); 2, Murphy’s Dream (M White); 3, The WinslowGirl (M Doyle). PUK Commanchee – exc 148 cm 1 & res, Carson City (S Cox); 2, Sovereign (M Prag); 3, Polly Flinders (J Buchannan). Novice Riding Horse 1, High Jinx (N Denny); 2, Mathilda (R Tarlton); 3, Coogan Royal Coachman (J Nottingham). Open Riding Horse 1 & res, Ivy Hill Girl (C Welby); 2, Moffin Womble (Mrs Hawes); 3, Tabitha Twitchit (D Lofthouse). Ridden Cob 1, Greengrass (W King); 2, Tommy Tully (D Wallis); 3, Penny Black (P Butler).Ridden Thoroughbred 1, On Parade II (M Prag); 2, Tabitha Twitchit (D Lofthouse); 3, Little Oak (S Preston). Ridden Arab, Anglo & Part-bred 1 & Ch, Hollyhill Julianne (L Welby); 2, Etherow Absolutely Fabulous (C Osborne); 3, Mansoor (A O’Brien). Veterans in-hand 1, Ioannis (B Luckins); 2 & Res, Max (S Laurie); 3, Bobby Sox (A Beatty); Veterans ridden – 15hh & under 1, Heidi (J Murphy); 2, Jalmoors Clara (R Wortley); 3, Marshland Sprite (G Gaughran).Veterans ridden – over 15hh1 & Ch, Foxy Lady (J Abbs); 2, OTT (M Andrew); 3, Silvester (R Hann). Riding Pony in-hand 1, Jetsam Midnight Dancer (Y Gill); 2, Dillon (C Reeve); 3, Garrow Vinca (J Lane-Blandford). Small M & M types in-hand 1, Smylee Bronwen (A Pett); 2, Bendair Babycham (K Noakes); 3, Pollaris (Miss Melton).Large M & M types in-hand 1, Rosie (N Southgate); 2, Mactavish (J Ives); 3, Flippin Phoebe (C Ball).Horses in-hand 1, Cromer Carlo (D Beetles); 2, Brian (P Gunn); 3, Marlpoint Enigma (K Lee) TB’s in-hand 1, Diamond Duchess (A Schofield); 2, Miss Scarlett (V Francis); 3, Viciana (G Paul). Anglo and P-B Arabs in-hand 1 & Ch, Etherow Absolutely Fabulous (C Osborne); 2, Jestsam Midnight Dancer (Y Gill); 3, Ginny¨s Come Home (D Gardner). Arabs in-hand 1, Bja Oran (A Blum); 2, Lammtarra (S Donges); 3, Sylvana (L Carey). PUK Glyn Greenwood 1 & res, Eastways Artful Dodger (D Clarke).PUK Small Ridden Hunter 1 & res, Lockinge Dandelion (M Herbert); 2, Doodle Dandy (F Ripley); 3, Callinafercy Dark Snipe (A Rains ).Novice Ridden Hunter 1, Last Chance (A Hallam); 2, Hearnesbrook Kildrummy (H Hustler); 3, Mr Winstanley (M Mason). Open Ridden Hunter 1 & Ch, On Parade II (N La Four); 2, Skeyton Firenze (C Lee-Smith); 3, Woadman (D Clark). PUK Baileys Novice WHP 1 & Ch, Whitehills Splash (K Bond); 2, Walbro Champagne Cracker (L Tann); 3, Templebreedy Finale (D Greenwell) PUK Colne WHP 1 & res,Walbro Champagne Cracker (L Tann); 2, Haysford Hideaway Harmony (I Newling); 2, Betws Tom ¨ Stacey Harvey Novice WHP 1, ILPH King Cole (E Marlow); 2, Fortunes Enigma (L Cox); 3, Poldarks Legend (L Shreeve).Open WHP 1, Churchside Lignite (J Masterson); 2, Gosden Dawn (E Dobson); 3, Fortunes Enigma (L Cox). Novice Working Hunter 1, High Jinx (N Denny); 2, Last Chance (A Hallam); 3, Skeyton Firenze (C Lee-Smith).Open Working Hunter 1, Simply Red (V Alderton); 2,Last Chance (A Hallam); 3, The Flintstone (S Topsam)Best Turned Out ¨ Juniors 1, Hunky Henry (O Stevens); 2, Flowton Firedance (B Jacomb); 3, Littlewren Rupert (H Tate). Best Turned Out ¨ Seniors 1, So Sharp (S Meldram); 2, EtherowAbsolutely Fabulous (C Osborne); 3, Colway Girl (K Thompson).Utility Horse or Pony 1, Black Amazon (V Shreeve); 2, Zinny (T Faulkner); 3, Saanan Valley Dinky (J Toovey).Utility Horse or Pony 1, Siver Shadow (V Saul); 2, Just Jester(P Bruce-Lockhart); 3, James (N Parker).Marriage’s PC/RC Pony 1 & res, Millicent (H Mitchell); 2, Tiercel Witch Doctor (K Brown); 3, Fortunes Enigma (L Cox). First Timers – Ponies 1, Jalmoors Clara (R Whortley); 2, Flowton Firedance (B Jacombe); 3, Twin Charm (S Williamson). First Timers – Horses 1, Coogan Royal Coachman (J Nottingham); 2, Silvester (R Hann); 3, Mr Winstanley (M Mason). Family Horse or Pony 1 & Ch, So Sharp (S Meldram); 2, Black Amazon (V Shreeve); 3, Rufus (P Hardy).ILPH Horse or Pony 1, ILPH Sparkle (J Bell); 2, ILPH King Cole (E Marlow); 3, ILPH Chester (S Lane).Fun Classes: Longest Tail 1, Bella (R Hahn); 2, ILPH Coco (R Hewitt); 3, ILPH Chancer (I Taylor).Best Thelwell 1, ILPH Chancer (I Taylor); 2, Rosa (M Reilly); 3, Benson (B Gray);Longest Mane 1, Bella (R Hahn); 2, Smudge (D Barke); 3, ILPH Chancer (I Taylor).Best Condition 1, Fen (H Robson); 2, Dylan (C Reeve); 3, Four Leaf Clover (C Fraser). Horse or Pony judge would like to take home 1, Fen (H Robson); 2, Benson (B Gray); 3, ILPH Coco (R Hewitt).Child Handler 1, Rosie (T Riley); 2, Fen (H Robson); 3, Chiquita (S Nokes).Supreme Champion of show Sup, Ceulan Champagne; Res, Whitehills Splash.

    MIDLANDS IN-HAND NATIONAL, Three Counties sgd, Malvern, Worcs, 23 June

    hunters (J Chugg) y’ling n/e 158cm 1, Woodlanderd Stud’s Woodlander Dancing Queen; 2, R Penn’sFreckleton Mximus; 3, K Campbell’s Laurent Perrier. 2/3-y-o- filly/geld do 1, J Lane’s Northlands Main Street; 2, A Nation’s Eldorado Esquire; 3, M Crossley’s Stonegrove Dresden. y’ling colt/geld 1, D Shervington’s Fred Willey; 2, G Doble’s Silver Jet; 3, M Scouller’s Aidos. do filly 1, Dalcote Stud’s Dalcotes Anshutz; 2, W Orchard’s Red Rosette; 3, J East’s Precocious. 2-y-o- geld 1, R Penn’s Double the Prophet; 2, Jethro Enterprises Ardochs Harvester; 3, Phillips’sWot A Dance. do filly 1, M Bainbridge’s Chianti; 2, C Watt’s Hot Gossip; 3, S Hale’s Shady Business. 3-y-o- geld 1, Jethro Enterprises Seabourne Starlight; 2, G Doble’s Jet Rocket; 3, N Phillips’ Bodieve Top Flight. do filly 1, D Shervington’s Aphrodite; 2, D Kellow’s Dancing Debonaire; 3, R Davies Hot Foxy Lady. sml b’mare with foal 1, J Cope’s Gulf Crisis; 2, A Pilgrim’s Piran Flora Dora; 3, A Nation’s Fjord. foal 1, A Pilgrim’s Decidedly Devilish; 2, J Cope’s Spring Crisis; 3, A Nation’s Regatta Grande. l’wt b’mare with foal 1, L Crowden’s Woodlander Savanah; 2, Walker & Evans’s Bournebrook Marigold; 3, M Boyles’s Woodlander Savannah. foal 1, L Crowden’s Woodlander Wizard; 2, Bayles’s foal; 3, Chanter & Wood’s foal. h’wt b’mare with foal 1 & ch, V Scouller’s Liberty Belle; 2, M Pannell’s Silver Charm; 3, Dalcotes Stud’s Touch Of Pride. foal 1, M Pannell’s Westcombe High Profile; 2, K Campbell’s Lanson Noir; 3, V Scouller’s Monty Python. Cleveland Bays (M Nixey) pure/part-bred 1-3-y-o 1, Edwards’s Midnight Charmer. do 4yr & over 1 & ch, R Raikes May’s Laughton Saladin; 2 & res, A Tilt’s Trustar Savagh. Arabs (C Randall) pure-bred y’ling 1 & ch, G Ayub’s Hallieluja Bey; 2, C Feeney’s Elysium. B2/3-y-o filly 1, P Westwood’s MHS Tariqa; 2, C Feeney’s Lilac Rose; 3, J Scudamore’s Kamilla Crysta. do colt/geld 1, P Morris’s Silver Highwayman. mare/geld 4yr & over 1 & res, Brede Bellisma; 2, P Westwood’s Menita; 3, W Fisher’s Wanda. foal 1, W Fisher’s Babishla. stallion 1, M Bint’s Distinkt. Anglo/part-bred y’ling, under 14.2hh 1, J Salmon’s Henley Down Picturesque; 2, R davies’s Alonby Chantaine; 3, K Rees’ Jacala Millenium Gold. do over 14.2hh 1, J Marden’s Maraday Top Flight; 2, S Hale’s Broadways Dazzling Moment; 3, G Chamberlain’s Indigo Animation. 2/3-y-o- under 14.2hh 1, A Robert’s Royalsview Last Symphony; 2, M Saggers’s Crystal King; 3, A Cooper’s Copybush Temptation. do over 14.2hh 1 & ch, J Brewin’s Fleuriana; 2 & res, T Moulden’s Kings Ainjel; 3, S Palmer’s Palmfields Star Time. mare/geld 4yr & over 1, G Tanner’s Paradelles Magic Moment; 2, B Skeet’s Outwood Touch Of Class; 3, L Alexandroff’s Sunray Sincerity. foal 1, L Alexandroff’s Apez Tout; 2, G Tanner’s Redvale Mister; 3, L Upton’s Twilight Dejavu. stallion 1, S Whitehous’s Royal Command Of Wentward; 2, Woodlander Studs Daws Firebird; 3, A Watkin’s Breinton Royal Pageant. riding horse young stock (D Williams) y’ling sml 1, A Gibbon’s Posh Spice; 2, M Janson’s Catwalk Little Star; 3, K Campbell’s Laurent Perrier. do lge 1, J East’s Precocious; 2, E Jennings Simply Red; 3, S Lindsy’s Tout L’Heure. 2-y-o- sml 1, M Crossley’s Stonegrove Dresden; 2, A Nation’s Eldorado Esq; 3, A Boxshall’s Hotrock Odin. 3-y-o- sml 1& Res. J Lane’s Northlands Main Street; 2, R Mckenzie’s Made to Measure; 3, W Holland’s Pollyanna. 2-y-o- lrg 1, Double The Prophet; 2, M Smith’s Nutbeam Courage; 3, V Wright’s Whiggys Way. do lge 1 & sup ch, D Kellow’s Dancing Deboniare; 2, Aprodite; 2, M Jennings Golden Dispute. show hack breeding y’ling sml 1, M Janson’s Catwalk Little Star; 2, A Pilgrim’s Billet Doux; 3, L Kirkby’s Tinuviel Spirit. do l’ge 1, Maraday Top Flight. 2/3-y-o sml 1 & res, S Griffith’s Merryment Pussy Willow; 2, S Palmer’s Palmfields Star Time; 3, L Alexandroff’s Aprez Nous. do lge 1 & ch, W Thomas’s Seabreeze; 2, J Carter’s Nectarine; 3, T Moulden’s Kings Ainjel. b’mare 1, J Rose’s Fantazia; 2, Sunray Sincerity; 3, Paradelles Magic Moment. stallion 1, H Hoy’s Comberton Cadet; L Lidbury’s Turning Point; 3, C Salmon’s Advise. Welsh sec C (T Thomas ) y’ling 1, B McDermot’s Trycoedbach Delyn; 2, D Wood’s Twyswood Geordie Boy; 3, M Guy Redpools Gershwin. 2/3-y-o 1, C Willis Burton’s Pentrefelin Charima; 2,D Wood’s Crossfields Glory; 3, D Conti’s Rangeview Rosa. mare 1, C Stein’s Maenan; 2, J Walters Try Llawn Madonna. foal 1, A Stein’s Dhanak Celt; 2, J Wlater’s Tyr Llawn Flash. stallion 1, T Newman’s Starcrest Sovereign; 2, L Palmer’s D’Abernon Replica; 3, B McDermott’s Tyrcoedbach fflach. sec D y’ling 1, J Walter’s Willoncourt Tiger; 2, L Bigley’s Llanarth Old Welsh Model; 3, D Boot’s Fronarth Black Velvet. 2/3-y-o 1, J llewyn James’s Deerfold Blackthorn; 2, A Ersting’s Brynithon Sea Breeze; 3, Saith Stud’s Glantreath Cindy. mare 1, G Owen’s Rumbush Linda; 2, D Buckley’s Thorneyside Flyers Charm; 3, C Willis Burton’s Trevallion Flo. foal 1, Buckley’s Haniel Lara Croft. sec A (J Curtis) y’ling 1, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Falcon; 2, J Higgin’s Lapstone Ulysses; 3, C Reading’s Churchwood Day Lily. 2/3-y-o 1, P Young’s Nantlais Nia; 2, H Hughes’s Llwfro lili; 3, S Coulthard’s Llanfrecha Petite. mare 1 & M&M res, D Jones’s Hollytree Jemma; 2, S Johnsey’s Ivycroft Ellie; 3, V Hassell’s Monksfield Moonstone. foal 1, S Johnsey’s Willcrick Easter Rose. stallion 1, Dr Wynne Davies’s Joiners Kilkenny; 2, J Russell’s Gartconnel Snapdragon; 3, K Greaves’ Gartmore Dazzler. sec B y’ling 1, T Fillinghm’s Stockham Honey; 2, T Fillingham’s Stockham Solo; 3, E Charlton’s Kiltinane Sparkle. 2/3-y-o 1, R Berry’s Thornberry Ptarmigan; 2, P Fillingham’s Stockham Contessa; 3, Kilinane Sparkle. mare 1, Telynau Stud’s Telynau Royal Gala; 2, L Bigley’s Coalbourne Cameo; 3, A Nilsson’s Gigman Cancarra. foal 1, L Bigley’s Llanarth Camilla; 2, D James’s Keronoi First Gold. stallion 1 & ch, L Bigley’s Douthwaite Signwriter. RP breeding (T Barron) y’ling n/e 122cm 1, C Galbraith’s Bradmore Toy Soldier; 2, T Gethin’s Redvale Sea Storm; 3, H Horler’s Buckmore Abracadabra. do 128cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Davis?s Alonby Chantaine; 2, P Smith’s Pendley Gold Link; 3, P Gilfallon’s Grindles Question Master. do 128-138cm 1, R Kelbie’s Lyndrose Cats Whiskers; 2, J Walker’s Vivid Image. do 138-148cm 1, D Hunt’s Churchside Prospector; 2, P Byrd’s Comberton Charisma; 3, C Galbraith’s Halvanna Royal Regatta 2/3-y-o- n/e 122cm 1, B Horler’s Thamesbury Graceful; 2, B Skeet’s Devon Riverdance; 3, C Yates’s Yieldfields Ellesse. do 128cm 1, Eccles & Sandison’s Bankswood Madame Butterfly; 2, Lady Gilbey’s Beckside Gold Dust; 3, H Wilson’s Salehurst Kir Royale. do 128-138cm 1, V Toulson’s Wynmere Milly Molly Mandy; 2, L Bigley’s Llanarth Catmint; 3, R Sampson’s Trelawn Samsara. do 138-148cm 1, H Crowley’s Hollowmarch Daisy; 2, H Crowley’s Hollowmarsh Digby; 3, C Scrimgeour’s Adencroft Spirit Of The Night. colt/stallion n/e 148cm 1, A Pritchard?Symmonds’s Cupidhill Grand Marnier; 2, A Robert’s Royalsview Last Symphony; 3, V Halliday’s Colouiann Self Portrait mare n/e 128cm 1, D Evan’s Bracon Tiffany; 2, Eccles & Sandison’s Bankswood Angelica; 3, A Robert’s Deehaven Fairytale. foal 1, A Robert’s Royalview Playboy; 2, R Sampson’s Broadhurst Miss Muffet; 3, Bankswood foal. mare 128-148cm 1, T Roper Caldbeck’s Naomi Campbell; 2, M Erussell’s Deaconwood Gold Charm; 3, A Pritchard Simmon’s Graishall Mystic Megan. foal 1, M Russell’s Kouros Pichmino; 2, Naomi Campbell foal; 3, Cupidhill Crown Royale. hunter pony breeding (T Barron) y’ling 133cm 1, S Pears’s Kyneton Pussy Willow; 2, S Pears’s Kyneton Catkin; 3, A Haywood’s Bourneside Taragon. do 153cm 1, P Hinchcliffe’s Roseberry Spanish Conquest; 2, A Jones’s Blaenllian Zetas Dream . 2/3-y-o- n/e 133cm 1, K Bowyer’s Symondbury Innocent; 2, Gilbey & Rogers’ Culross Sunshine; 3, J Snedker’s Deanhills Maid Of Honour. do 153cm 1, J Lane’s Northland Main Avenue; 2, P Hinchcliffe’s Roseberry Star Maker; 3, P Byrd’s Comberton Crusader. mare not exc 153cm 1, M Russell’s Meadowlands Galway Bay; 2, Graishall Mystic Megan; 3, Chasecroft Ladybird. foal 1, M Russel’s Kouros Steady Eddie; 2, Pritchard-Simmond’s Cupidhill Crown Royale. stallion 153cm 1, F Lloyd’s Attabilis Concerto; 2, J Upton’s Bannut Regal Light. reg part-bred Welsh (Lady Jennifer Evans-Bevan) y’ling 1, P Dunster’s Kittens Artistic Impression; 2, Grindles Question Master; 3, Vivid Image. 2/3-y-o- 1, Symondbury Innocent; 2, Rotherwood Bo Bells; 3, Beckside Gold Dust. b’mare 1, D Evans’s Bracon Tiffany; 2, P Nott’s Chasecroft Dolly Daydream; 3, Chasecroft Ladybird. foal 1, P Nott’s Chasecroft Dimple; 2, Roylasview Playboy; 3, Hardwick View foal. Haflinger (A Farman) 3yr & under 1, E Davies Oxstead Poetry; 2, D Riley’sRowantree Ash. do 4yr & over 1, D Riley’s Swinda; 2, J Court’s Sefton Staccatto; 3, J Denyer’s Millslade Khamsin. palominos y’ling 1 & res, K Rees’s Jacala Millenium Gold; 2, R Jones’s Louraise Shanine. 2/3-y-o- 1 & Ch, Q Jones’s Lourasie Shanay; 2, S Cousins Krysto Easter Surprise; 3, D May’s Moonshine Gamble. 4yr & over 1, D Smyth’s Shulay Bullion; 2, E Willims’s Bala Prince Gold; 3, J Upton’s Banat Regal Light. other breeds reg pure/part-bred 1/3-y-o 1, DAshworth’s Diva; 2 & 3, H Ledbetter’s Lanhill Ferrer & Henden Banoffe. do 4yr & over 1, Advise; 2, J Cartwright’s Just Toto; 3, Maesmynach Fancy. American breeds pure/part-bred 1-3-y-o 1, C Elliott’s EBA Jeroboam; 2, J Smart’s Monnington Tallis; 3, J Deakin’s Centaur Summer Storm. 4yr & over 1 & ch, P MacKenzie’s Cariad Courageous Lady; 2 & res, N Morrice’s Jo Sorrento; 3, Myriad Tribal Dance. miniature breeds (T Barron) 1-3-y-o n/e 42in 1, J Cullingford’s GlenfallDaisy Dot; 2, J Cullingford’s Glenfall Tiger Gold. 4yr & over do 1 & ch, N Valentine’s Kilcummer Gremlins Apache; 2 & res, J Cullingford’s Glenfall Legend; 3, P Ricket’s Knock little Marvel. spotted (E Hartley-Edwards) 1-3-y-o n/e 14.2hh 1, Glenfall Tintagels Dream. 4yr & over do 1, Kilcummer Grenvils Apache; 2, Kerswell Sophia; 3, Glenfall Legend. 1-3-y-o- to exc 14.2hh 1, J Deakin’s Centaur Summer Storm; 2, EBA Jeroboam. 4yr & over do 1, Myriad Tribal Dance; 2, Flabae; 3, Jo Sorrento. coloured horse/pony (B Ashby-Jones). 1-3-y-o 1 & res sup, S Hale’s Broadways Dazzling Moment; 2, J Evans’ Henrys Out Of This World; 3, S Edwards’s Shelbars Tri Troy. 4yr & over not exc 14.2hh 1, C Gubbs’ Calypso Bay; 2, S Griffiths’ Nashville Tom Boy; 3, B Treadwell’s Chantilly. do exc 14.2hh.1, Lostock Huntsman; 2, J Thompson’s Sub Zero Thyme; 3, Milo. Shetlands (O Hawker) y’ling 1, N Hughes’ Mardlebrook Fleur; 2, C Leake’s Staplow Tumbleweed; 3, Staplow Saffron. 2/3-y-o 1, B Gammond’s Gammon Horatio; 2, F Perry’s Bedbach Isla; 3, P Sarson’s Chasend Matilda. mare/geld 1, S Gibson’s Coppice Dolly Diana; 2, S Lovell’s Westpark Lady Esta; 3, J Penfold’s Stranduff Patty.foal 1, L Wylee Davies’s Berlouwin mistralie; 2, Ringkay Lightning; 3, M Rowell’s Skelberry Miracle stallion 1 & ch, S Gibson’s Coppice Bugle; 2, P Sarson’s Kington Ree Wee; 3, Dewland Minstrel. miniature y’stock 1 & res, B Joyner’s Kenstone Pebbles; 2, Strnduff Nicola; 3, S Cross’s Longcot Jack. do 4yr & over 1, J Penfold’s Mignon Jethro; 2, P Sarson’s Glenfall Rosewood; 3, Ringkay Action Man. Connemara (J Webb) y’ling 1, E Beckett’s Shipton Morning Magic; 2, Lady Palmer’s Artful Archer. 2/3-y-o 1, Lady Palmer’s Theodore; 2, E Beckett’s Shipton Finola; 3, L Wallace’s Ballacura Diamond. 4yr & over 1 & ch, S Hodgkin’s Atlantic Ace; 2, B Hall’s Kindesella’s Pearls Star. Highland (Countess of Dysart) 3yr & under 1, A Hart’s Strathmore Harry; 2, P Wilkinson’s Oak Croft Struan; 3, D Cunninghan Reid’s Balleroy Yoyo. 4yr & over 1, A Griffith’s Nashend Chiff Chaff; 2, A heath’s Ben Of Gargunnock; 3, C Pritchard’s Fingal Of Castle Green. Exmoor (J Webb) 3yr & under1 & ch, M Burnett’s Stowbrook Jenny Wren; 2, Stowbrook Storm Boy; 3, S Poulter’s Flying Buttress. 4yr & over 1 & res, A Woodward’s Dunkery Nightingale. Fell & Dales 3yr & under 1, R Macnamarra’s Lydvale Jasmine; 2, T Good’s Underwoods Icurus; 3, S James’s Penmire Freebooter. 4yr & over 1, ch & sup mare, T Capstick’s Heltondale Misty; 2 & res, G Hawkin’s Goytvalley Magic Minstrel; 3, R James’s Slaypits Fergie. Dartmoor (J Hull) 3yr & under 1, S Roche’s Brandsby Onyx; 2, N Coll’s Collstone Cassanova; 3, C russell’s Highveld Malvolio. 4yr & over 1, J Green’s Dunmere Das Du Feu; 2, A Garnett’s Highveld Cobweb; 3, Dunmire Brambling. New Forest 3yr & under 1,A Mcgrath’s Vernons Valeta; 2, J White’s Wheely Dawn Sonnet; 3, Sharpham Early Edition. 4yr & over 1, A Nicholl’s Willoway Vogue; 2, Vernons Regent; 3, Wanstead Tarquin Moon. warmbloods (Y Wall) y’ling 1, A Antoniades’s Anitana; 2, RPenn’s Freckleton Maximus; 3, N Ankers Dee Diablo. 2/3-y-o filly/geld 1 & res, L Crowden’s Woodlander First Lady; 2; Double The Prophet; 3, Chainti. b’mare 1 & ch, M Todd’s Trenawin Lullaby; 2 & res mare, Woodlander Savannah; 3, Lady Bamford’s Broadstone Domino. foal 1 & res, L Crowden’s Woodlander Wizard; 2, Domino foal; 3, Lanson Noir. sport horse y’ling 1, Anitana; 2, Freckleton Maximus; 3, Dalcotes Anshultz. 2-y-o 1, C Watt’s Hot Gossip; 2, Henry’s Out Of This World; 3, Woodlander First Lady. 3-y-o 1, Bodieve Top Flight ; 2, Hot Foxy Lady; 3, M Meer’s Magellan. 4yr & over 1 & ch, Trenawin Lullaby; 2, Turning Point; 3, Nubbis Ash.

    Northern Dartmoor Osbaldeston EC, Lancs, 23 Juney’stk (N Tyler) y’ling colt/gelding. 1 & res, P Rushton’s Vean Harry Hawk; 2, D Charlesworth’s Stanley Grange Daulphin. y’ling filly. 1 & ch, D Hinde’s Pumphill Maisie; 2, D Howarth-Podesta’s Trefursdon Black Aven Dip; 3, A Brewington’s Vean Albertine. 2-y-o filly/ gelding. 1, ch & sup, J Jordan’s Moortown Sensation; 2, J Grant’s Foxleat Rowanberry; 3, M Chandler’s Senruf Gin Fizz. 2/3-y-o colt. 1 & res, W Dean’s Rekcilf Fairground Diplomacy. 3-y-o filly/ gelding. 1, A Brewington’s Dural Aphrodite; 2, A Rigby’s Dykes Country Mead; 3, L Gray’s Cliffedale Gazelle. nov y’stk. 1, Dural Aphrodite; 2, Trefursdon Black Aven Dip; 3, A Brewington’s Dural Olympia. (E Newbolt-Young) stallion 7yr & over. 1 & res, W Dean’s Hisley Diplomat: 2, A Brewington’s Langfield Kerth: 3, D Banks’s Lickfolds Saxon Fury. stallion 4/6-y-o. 1, ch & res, Hisley Craftsman; 2, L Ennett’s Whinberry Twilight. mare with cert of service 1, J Moore & G Vasey’s Cayberry Ceasefire; 2, C Anderson’s Haven Monique; 3, J-A Eccles’ Monarchill Seraphim. nov b’mare. 1, D Hinde’s Langfield Beth; 2, T Brown’s Fengate Touch Of Class; 3, A McCulloch’s Closeburn Bluebell. foal. 1, A McCulloch’s Locharmoss Bella; 2, T Brown’s Fengate Velvet Dream; 3, D Hinde’s Stanley Grange foal. open b’mare. 1 & ch, J Moore’s Cayberry De Ja Vu; 2 & res, J Jordan’s Moortown Heron; 3, A McCulloch’s Closeburn Bluebell. foal. 1 & ch, A McCulloch’s Locharmoss Bella: 2 & res, J Moore’s Cayberry Playja; 3, J Jordan’s Moortown foal. barren mare. 1, Woolley’s Monarchill Cercean; 2, S Anderson’s Haven Tia Maria; 3, D Jones’ Nappa Cherrybrook. gelding 4yr & over. 1 & ch, Mes Barton & Harrison’s Hisley Saunter; 2 & res, Mes Grange & Arnold’s Lickfolds Infidel; 3, D Jones’ Nappa Cherrybrook. veteran. 1, L Tomlinson’s Lanaway Pandora; 2, R Taylor’s Monarchill Leonora. progeny. 1, Dykes Acanthus & Dykes Countrymead; 2, Haven Tia Marai & Haven Monique; 3, Whinberry Twilight & Forgebank Lullaby. part-bred (J Elliot-Reep) in-hand. 1 & res, L Ennett’s Forgebank Lullaby. ridden. 1 & ch, Forgebank Lullaby. WHP (M Furness). 1 & ch, J Russell’s Shilstone Rocks Atlantic Gale; 2, Mes Barton & Harrison’s Hopelaws Flamingo; 3, Hisley Diplomat. P(UK) Shearwater. 1 & res, Dykes Acanthus; 2, Hopelaws Flamingo; 3, Hisley Diplomat. P(UK) Lancs confined nov. 1, J Barton’s Springbank Atlantis; 2, S Jackson’s Bijou Bernie Baru; 3, Mes Barton & Harrison’s Briars Amadeus. ridden (M Furness), NPS Demolition jnr ridden. 1, Lickfolds Infidel; 2, J Howard & Ponies On Parade’s Sunbow Red Admiral; 3, J Hammond’s Brandsby Aries. NPS Picton nov. 1, Lickfolds Infidel; 2 & res, Sunbow Red Admiral; 3, Briars Amadeus. P(UK) Kingsford open. 1, ch & sup, Hisley Saunter; 2, Shilstone Rocks Atlantic Gale; 3, Hopelaws Flamingo. LR (J Elliot-Reep) nov. 1, K Bennett’s Hisley Dragoon; 2, D & R Banks’ Lickfolds Lionheart; 3, Briars Amadeus. P(UK) Lobster Pot LR. 1 & ch, Hisley Saunter; 2 & res, Brandsby Aries; 3, P Rushton’s Langfield Zigith. FR (J Elliot-Reep) beginners. 1, N Woolley’s Monarchill Cercean; 2, J Hammond’s Hopelaws Water Wagtail; 3, J Barton’s Greenferns Rob Roy. nov. 1, Lickfolds Lionheart; 2, R Tomlinson’s Lawnswood Illusion; 3, Langfield Zigith. P(UK) Brineton. 1, ch & res sup, S Grange’s Rothiemay Beach Boy; 2 & res ch, Hisley Saunter, 3, Dykes Acanthus. dressage (J Hawkins). 1, Hopelaws Flamingo; 2, Dykes Acanthus; 3, Forgebank Lullaby. CT. 1, Hopelaws Flamingo; 2, Dykes Acanthus; 3, L Gray’s Hopelaws Woodpecker Tosso.

    CROCKSTEAD PARK EC, 23-24 June

    BSPS Open CS 1, Mrs J Bloor’s Bejowans Super Star (R. Bloor).Open NS 1, S. Carnegie’s Holly Of Whitemore (R Fenton);2, Mrs S J Tillard’s Ashdown Dougal (N Tillard);3, Mrs J Bloor’s Bejowans Super Star (R Bloor).143cm Nov. WHP 1, J Marsh-Smith’s Apache Scout (J Danson);2, R Cooper’s Miss Lucy (G Cooper);3, Mr B Williams’ Saran Spring Morning (G Strang).153cm Nov. WHP 1, Mrs S Woodward’s The Artisan (D Woodward);2, Mrs A Brickell’s Finkley Alex (G Strang);3, Mrs A Remmon’s I’m Ollie (V Remmon).133cm Rest. WHP 1, S Carnegie’s Holly Of Whitemore (R Fenton);2, V Link’s Milford Flamingo (C Langrish);3, F Pearce-Thomas’ Newcott Mikado (E. Pearce-Thomas).143cm Rest. WHP/b> 1, Mrs Rhyoderch’s Harveys Gamefair (G Strange); 2, J Marsh-Smith’s Apache Scout (J Danson); 3, R Cooper’s Miss Lucy (G Cooper).153 Rest. WHP 1, Mrs S Woodward’s The Artisan (D Woodward).133cm Open WHP1, Mrs J Hendrikson’s Defaelog Rhiannon (M Hendrikson);2, V Link’s Milford Flamingo (C Langrish);3, S Carnegie’s Holly Of Whitemore (R Fenton).143cm Open WHP1, Mrs J Hendrikson’s Barnaby Bay (M Hendriksen);2, Mrs Woodward’s Meadowbrook Mercury (D Woodward);3, Mrs M Rhyoderch’s Harveys Gamefair (G Strang).153cm Open WHP1, Mrs D Strang’s Harvest Sunn (R Strange).Nov. LR1, Miss R Thacker’s Farchynys Delyn (A Barr);2, Mrs T Heaven’s Tanzean Royal Finess (D Stevens).LR1, Mrs J Hawkins’ Chirons Land Third Time Lucky; 2, J Harvey’s Rowden Small Talk (G Harvey);3, D B Hawtin-Checkley’s Rosedale Trousseau (V Hawtin-Checkley).LRSHT1, Mrs C Willett & Mrs A Davis’ Pendley Top Model (C Willett);2, J Harvey’s Rowden Small Talk (G Harvey);3, S Bowe’s Peachfield Popcorn. Nov. FR 1, Mrs M Sprinett’s Hurst Hill Fleur De Lys (L Clarke);2, Mr C Willett’s Rhoden Lucky Story (C Willett);3, Mrs R Thacker’s Farchynys Delyn (A Barr).FR1, T Salter’s Mountain Spring (A Salter);2, Mr C Willett’s Rhoden Lucky Story (C Willett);3, Mrs M Springett’s Hurst Hill Fleur De Lys (L Clarke).Nov. 122cm SHP1, T Salter’s Erimus Butterfly (A Salter);2, Johnson & Phillips’ Jobanker Tommy Tittlemouse (T Johnson);3, Mrs J Bloor’s Bejowans Super Star (R. Bloor).Nov. 133cm SHP1, V Link’s Milford Flamingo (C Langrish);2, Mrs M Kingston’s Fossway Frivolity (L Kingston);3, Mrs M Sprig’s BridgehillKestral. Nov. 143cm SHP1 & Ch, Mrs M Rhyoderch’s Harveys Gamefari (G Strang); 2, Team Jaeo’s Nuthurst Whodunit (G Lagarde).SHP 122cm1, Judy Harvey’s Pentyrck Marcus (Emma Lucas);2, Mrs Watt’s Berwickyl Brenwyn (G Davison/Fay Sheenan).SHP 143cm1, Mrs J Strang’s Speybay Playbay (G Strang);2, Mrs Mallam’s Clonross Huntsman (L Mallam).SHP 153cm1 & res, Zoe Davison’s Spy And Fly Sandstorm (G Davison);2, Mrs A Brickell’s Finkley Alex (G Strang);3, Mrs Chubb’s Langcbse Diorama (C Chubb).PONIES UK ? In-hand RP 4yrs1, Mrs J Hawkins’s Chironsland Third Time Lucky; 2, Mrs V Bremner’s Woodstreet Command Performance; 3, G Szostak’s Bookman Behav.Glynn Greenwood Small1, L Gutteridge’s Rowfantina Heaven Sent; 2, Mrs Sayers’ Jananda Prince Charming;3, C Buchanan-Jackson’s Ulverscroft Capacino. Glynn Greenwood Large1, J Hobden’s Blaengwen Gazzer;2, Mr & Mrs Bunce’s Claymore Blackpride Rumplestiltskin;3, S Barraclough’sCharlesland Mystic Shannon.Lobster Pot LR1, Mrs J Simmons’ Talgoed Cappaquin (L Simmons);2, Mrs D Barr’s Firle Miss Moppitt (I Barr);3, Mr Barnett’s Follyfoot Fantasy (S Barnett).Colne Confined M&M LR1, Mrs L Sayers’ Jananda Prince Charming (J Sayers);2, C T Willett’s Idyllic Nureyev (F Davis);3, Mrs J Simmons’ Talgoed Cappaquin (L Simmons).Brineton FR1, Mr E Dennis’ Linksbury Sensation (R Dennis);2, M Burchall-Small’s Rowfantina Prize Scamp (O Small);3, A Michelle’s Ulverscroft Capacino (C Buchanan-Jackson).Microponies Confined FR1, Mrs N Varney’s Whatehall Corn Daisy (B Varney);2, M Burchall-Small’s Rowfantina Prize Scamp (O Small);3, Mrs D Barr’s Halfway Teal (I Barr).Dalkeith Small1, Mr E Dennis’ Linksbury Sensation (R Dennis);2, Mr & Mrs O’Brien’s Wian Angharad (A O’Brien);3, Mrs J Dawson’s Stockham Rosa (A Dawson).Dalkeith Large1, Mrs S Bradford’s Telynau Congressman (P Bradford);2, Mrs S Hird’s Achtiochtan Ruaraidn (L Hird).Shearwater M&M WHP 122cms1, O Barnett’s Bransbury Zrckns (C Barnett);2, Mrs J Bloor’s Bejowans Super Star (R Bloor);3, Mrs L Allen’s Trewithian Jack Flash (N Allen).Shearwater M&M WHP 138cms1, Mrs A Remmen’s Somerford Ladymay (V Remmen);2, Mrs Purkess’ Downland Chickadee (R Purkiss);3, P Keegan’s Ernford Bellisima (D Keegan).Shearwater M & M WHP over 138cm1, Mrs Norton Burnmoor Rhodil (E Norton);2, Miss J Collins Coryn Victory (Miss J Collins);3, East Lodge Red Maple (E Lloyd-Andrews). Lancs Confined M&M WHP 122cms1, Miss T Crawford Rolofantina Simply Sarah (C Crawford);2, Mrs L Allen Trewithian Jack Flash (N Allen);3, Mrs James Jighland Justice (D Keegan).Lancs Confined M&M WHP 138cms1, F Pearce-Thomas’ Newcott Mikano (E Pearce-Thomas);2, S Robinson/C Douglas’s Woody Warm Welcome (H Burgan);3, T Hart’s Crawel Tempest (T Hart).Lancs Confined M&M WHP over 138cm1, Falfield Honey Bee (J Somerset);2,Coryn Victory (J Collins);3, Mrs Douglas’s Sunnydale Marmiduke (C Douglas).Kingsford M&M Ridden Small1, Longhalves Stud’s Longhalves Sword of Gold (C Light);2, Mr E Dennis’ Linksbury Sensation (R Dennis);3, Mrs M Dennis’ Symondsbury Tabitha (S Darlington).Kingsford M&M Ridden Large1, J Norton’s Burnmoor Rhodil (E Norton);2, Danfen Diamond Lady (E Herwood);3, Falfield Honey Bee (J Somerset).Confined Novice Kingsford M&M1, Wian Playboy (T O’Brien);2, Mrs M Dennis’ Symondsbury Tabitha (S Darlington);3, Mrs E Herwood’s Danfen Diamond Lady (E Herwood).

    RED ROSE COUNTY Birchinley Manor, 23 June

    HOYS open hack (A Smythe, P Wright) lrg 1&res, H McHenry’s Cool Customer;2, Mrs Rowles’ Limestone Kitty; 3, M Ainscough’s Warren Hill. sml 1 & ch, R Walker’s Pencroft Blue Print; 2, Mrs Lucas’ Finders Keepers; 3, S Oakes’ Rotherwood Victor. HOYS open RH lrg 1, R Walker’s Beau Geste; 2 & res, Mrs Lucas’ Vienna After Dark; 3, J Ambler’s Safari Tiger. sml 1 & ch, Mrs Dawson’s Farnley Harlequin; 2, Mrs Jefferson’s Foxy Blue; 3, Z Whittle’s Pencern Trident. HOYS open cob (A Robertson) lwt 1 & res, J Lloyd’s Jokers Wilde; 2, D Kennedy’s Bombadier; 3, E Young’s Aquarius. hwt 1 & ch, A Walker’s Forester; 2, C Bradley’s Oban; 3, Welch & Brigg’s Look At Me. Welsh in-hand (Mrs Wainwright) sec A&B b’mare 1 & res, Mr Murray’s Penswig Ramona; 2, Mr Gilbert’s Swinford Paper Lace; 3, Miss Henderson’s Lindisfarne Sunsprite. foal 1, Mr Murray’s Penswig foal; 2, Miss Henderson’s Lindisfarne Elfin; 3, Mr Gilbert’s Little

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