SCWPCA Spring Show 11 April ’04

  • SCWPCA SPRING Newbury Showground, Berks, 11 April

    in-hand: Welsh sec A gelding 4-y-o & over 1, J Francis’s Gowerdale Flashman; 2, L Herbert’s Cryslalbrook Myway; 3, Messers Mitchener & Mesquita’s Bengad Danzig. barren mare 1, B White’s Boniface Nell Gwynn; 2, Mr A Cox’s Rookery Ragdoll. stallion 1, ch & sup in-hand, Ceri Fell’s Llwynan Llewelyn; 2, Nutbourne Stud’s Lippens Jackpot; 3, H Wilding’s Moorcourt Samlee. y’ling filly 1, Ceri Fell’s Wilcrick Suzana; 2, T Wall’s Nunnwood Madonna; 3, P Blake’s Lippens Charisma. y’ling colt 1& res ystk, K Corson McKie’s Penboeth Goldfinger; 2, M J Plummer’s Dyfed Haribo; 3, Mrs P Blake’s Lippens Grasshopper. 2/3-y-o filly 1, J Francis’s Gowerdale India; 2, J Thomas’s Rosmarche Red Bartsia; 3, M J Plummer’s Dyfed Posey. 2/3-y-o colt 1, ystk ch and res, Mr G Hunter’s Weston Becham; 2, S K Lukins Kallistalodge Maverick; 3, H Dobbersow’s Blethyn Ros. gelding 1/2/3-y-o 1, S Ash’s Sedgwick Branstone; 2, S Taylor’s Dukeshill Icon. sec B gelding 4-y-o & over 1, J Read’s Collegedown Noble Imp; 2, B, Morey’s Longstone Royal Mystery; 3, Mr, Mrs & Miss Sandison’s Morwyn Bronze Magic. barren mare1, N Snelling’s Kiltinane Monica; 2, S Broard Jones Garrods Loyale Lysha. stallion 1, ch & res sup in-hand, Horsequest UK’s Rotherwood Spycatcher; 2, R Thacker’s Dunsford Springcorn; 3, Mr & Mrs Ward-Burton’s Eyarth Apollo. y’ling filly 1, Mr & Mrs Hayes Brockabye Madison; 2, R Thacker’s Farchynys Rhona. y’ling colt 1, ystk ch, res & res supreme ystsk, Messers Davies & Poulters Daukester Pax; 2, B Morey’s Longstone Royal Celebration; 3, K Ponsford’s Kiltinane Artistic Moments. 2/3-y-o filly 1 & res ystk, D Bell’s Priestwood Pollyanna; 2, S Ash’s Llanarth Sweet Willow; 3, S Broard Jones Thamesbourne Jennifer Eccles. gelding 1/2/3-y-o 1 & res overall gelding, S E Pollett’s Polbourne Riverdance. Welsh part bred ystk 148cms 1, ystsk ch & res, R Thacker’s Farchynys Nightshade; 2, I Sutton’s Hansard Flickering Star. 148cm 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, N Snelling’s Rhosyr Marisa; 2, S Soloman’s Notely Dimsey Dreamer. exc 148cm 4-y-o & over 1, J Townsend’s Heidi; 2, S.Latham’s Grovewest Park Shooting Star. sec C gelding 4-y-o & over1, L Powell’s Parvadean The Duke. barren mare 1, D Boys’s Blue Willow That’ll Do; 2, C Willis-Burton’s Pentrefelin Charisma; 3, A Butt’s Brimstone Seren. stallion 1, & res, RJ Bettell’s Merantyn Flash Jack; 2, RJ Bettell’s Donys Flash Harry; 3, M Fowle’s Fletchwood Rock DJ. y’ling filly 1, C Higgins Neuaddparc Vanity Lace; 2, C Willis-Burton’s Pentrefelin Daydream; 3, Mr & Mrs L Wilkinson’s Ashmeadow Diva. y’ling colt 1 & res ystk ch, D Wallace & S Courtney’s Keeshen Romeo. 2/3 y-o filly 1, Gregory Family’s Starcrest Hollywood Girl; 2, G Cooper’s Rivervalley Rose of Texas; 3, J Richardson’s Redpools Margaret Rose. 2/3-y-o colt 1, ystk ch & ch, L & S Palmer’s Blaidd Replay; 2, J Bryson & K Smith’s Brysmith Eros Spirit; 3, A Thomas’s Broughton Mastermind. sec D gelding 4 years and over 1, J Watson’s Fletchwood Meridian; 2, S Lewis’s Rymal Hollywood Flame; 3, A Dearden’s Gerrig Usher. barren mare 1 & ch, Messrs Edwards & Tylers London Charlie’s Girl; 2, C Wickham’s Tylan Megan; 3, Mr & Mrs C M Tombs Hengwm Lady. “A” Stallion 1, M Page’s Commonfields Ace High; 2, A Butt’s Chugs Lighting Bobby; 3, D Cooper’s Marwell Yorath. y’ling filly 1, T.Stevens Bunthorpe The Banshee. y’ling colt 1 & res ystk ch, T Stevens’s Brynithon Welsh Pride; 2, A Wheatcroft’s Sydenham King George; 3, No Name Bakersfield Emerald Prince. 2/3-y-o filly 1, A Bartlett’s Rangehill Megan; 2, C J Isaac’s Floreat Splash. 2/3-y-o colt 1, ystk ch, res & sup ystk, L Saint’s Southcoast Mr Tom; 2, S Watts’s Trixies How’d You Like It; 3, Gregory Family’s Brookhamlodge Joseph. gelding 1/2/3-y-o 1 & res overall gelding, B Hoddinott’s Crugmelyn Dai; 2, J Read’s Ynysgerwyn Cochyn. ridden: Travel Extras Dalkeith junior sec A & B 1 & res junior ch, Moore Family’s Vardra Sirus; 2, Mr & Mrs Sheen’s Thistledown Beehive; 3, M Hoare’s Griegau Spring Fever. Travel Extras Dalkeith junior sec C & D 1 & junior ch, G Cooper’s Drogeda Pearly King; 2, J Hopper & L Fox’s Keeshen Reward; 3, M Hoare’s Kenchurch Dignity . novice part bred 1 & res ch, S Watts’s Trixies Cappuccino. open part bred 1 & ch, N Snelling Rhosyr Marisa; 2, L Pritchard’s Wisbeach Cappuccino. confined novice sec A 1 & res novice ch, K Hill’s Forlan Nutcracker; 2, C Light’s Hallows Snapdragon; 3, Mr & Mrs Sheen’s Thistledown Beehive. sec B 1, M Hoare’s Barkway Stormbird; 2, Mrs Mitrano’s Hollyoak Harmony. sec C 1, V Ollive’s Llanweneth Cariaclus; 2, S R S Show Team’s Hywi Bobby Dazzler; 3, S R S Show Team’s Winmark Maisie. sec D 1, novice ch & sup ridden, M Hoare’s Kentchurch Celebration; 2, C Gregory’s Llangattock Star; 3, J Watson’s Fletchwood Meridian . Kingsford open sec A 1 & res open ridden ch, K Hill’s Forlan Nutcracker; 2, C Light’s Hallows Snapdragon. sec B 1, open ridden ch & res sup ridden, C Light’s Longhalves Golden Dagger; 2, M Hoare’s Barkway Stormbird. sec C mare or gelding 1, V Ollive’s Llanweneth Cariaclus; 2, Hywi Bobby Dazzler; 3, Mr G Cooper’s Drogeda Pearly King. sec C stallion 1, JC Gwillim’s Hafodyrynus Viking Warrior; 2, A Butt’s Mitcheltroy Prince Apollo. sec D gelding 1, L Powell’s Cefndu Brenin Du; 2, D Cooper’s Tynyrheol Sir Lancelot; 3, D Pickering’s Naiad Welsh Dragon. sec D mare 1, C J Isaac’s Penclose Melody; 2, M Hoare’s Kentchurch Celebration; 3, C Gregory’s Llangattock Star. sec D stallion 1, T Young’s Tyfil Lloyd Dun N Dusted; 2, R Hunt’s Penn Flygt. Lobster Pot LR 1, P Alder’s Rosemarche Holly Berry; 2, L Merritt’s Crimond Fury; 3, D Easton’s Waitwith Dreamcatcher. Brineton FR 1, Moore Family’s Vardra Sirius; 2, Mr and Mrs N Sheens’s Thistledown Beehive; 3, J Guys’s Hollizan Hero. Colne conf novice LR 1 & novice mini ch, F Heeney’s Shirina Linnet; 2 & res novice mini ch, D Plumb’s Templedruid Hywell; 3, A Cox’s Ronswood Galaxy. Microponies conf novice FR 1, A Haigh’s Pennway Mavtovani; 2, Mr & Mrs Sheen’s Thistledown Beehive; 3, D Hayman’s Llangarron Minstrel.

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