Pearly King is hack champion at Royal Windsor

  • Working show horse (R Stack, J Owen).— 1, R Parkes’ Ballysheil Quintin; 2, S O’Reilly’s Pink Punch; 3, H McCloy’s Rodney Boy. cob, novice.— 1 & ch, J Day’s Chesterton; 2, H Griffiths’ Corbally; 3, D Tam’s The Goldsmith. lwt.— 1, C Bardo’s Darcey Bustle; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ I’m a Star; 3, D Heath & A Craig’s Mister President. amateur.— 1, N Edgar’s Checkpoint Charlie; 2, M Fentum’s The Cobbler; 3, Rodney Boy. hack (Mrs A Leaver, Mrs L Homer) novice.— 1, R Lucas’ Lyncombe Legend; 2, L Smith Crallan’s Royal Engagement; 3, V Rudd’s Burfordly Sea Wolf. amateur.— 1, J Carter’s Daldorn Legacy; 2, R Bown’s Strinesdale Destiny; 3, V Archer’s Time Out. sml.— 1, K Harris’ Comberton Craftsman; 2, Daldorn Legacy; 3, Mr & Mrs M Underwood’s Courtland Be Fair. lge.— 1 & ch, S Carey’s Pearly King; 2 & res, H Broom’s Paschal High Flyer. maxi cob.— 1, N Armstrong’s Tank Top; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Deimos; 3, HM The Queen’s Lexington. RoR retrained racehorse (Miss S Fisher, Miss L Sims).— 1, A Lance & Hickstead Feeds’ Perfect Choice; 2, P Rackham’s Bridgham; 3, K Barrett’s Private Soldier.

    In-hand Connemara (J Webb) —1, Miss T Deja’s Glenkeen Billy Whizz; 2, Mrs S Burt’s Walstead Lady Daphne; 3, Mr A Humble’s grey colt. 4yo+ —1, Mrs S Burt’s Walstead Precious Gem; 2, Ms T Deja’s Glenkeen Derry Mist; 3, Mr J C Passmore’s Walstead Lady Isobella. Shetland (M A C Ball) —1, A Page’s Buxted Daniel; 2, D Pickett & A Sargeant’s Champlers Victoria; 3, Mesdames Robins and Elphick’s Buxted Jemima. 4yo+ —1, D Pickett & A Sargeant’s Champlers Elsa; 2, L Buchanan-Jackson’s Kerloch Eliza; 3, L A Calcutt’s Belton Rising Pride. Welsh section B (R E Thacker) —1, Miss C Dobberson’s Stockham Minstrel; 2, M Richards’ Pennwood Tiffany; 3, Mrs A Whitehall’s Seves Dunitagain. 4yo+ —1, Miss Vanessa De Quincey’s Erimus Pilkington; 2, Mrs J Filmer’s Lemonshill Falcon; 3, Mrs V & Miss S Southey’s Greenlinks Tiger Moss. Section A —1, Mr P Brightwell’s Cosford Widows Quest; 2, Miss W Hardy’s Weston Platinum Blonde ; 3, Miss A Page’s Amilas Cassiopeia. 4yo+ —1, Miss J Benham’s Nineoaks Esmeralda; 2, Mrs F Harding’s Tryfel Tryion; 3, Mrs D Friend’s Twyfod Glitz. Section C (N Smith) —1, Mrs J Bryson’s Brysmith Hurricane Spirit; 2, D Strutton’s Bookham Lodge Fireman Sam; 3, Miss S Axon’s Brohedydd Silver Pearl. Section D —1, Mrs C Williams’ Synod Red & Gold; 2, Mr J Axon’s Glanaeron Matholwch; 3, Mrs J Richardson’s Llanarth Broadway. 4yo+ —1, D Smith’s Broughton June; 2, J Seaman & S Warwick’s Fronarth Dancing King; 3, J Cooper’s Danaway Mississippi. New Forest (V Millwood) —1, Mrs W G Fromm’s Brock Bartholomew; 2, M Bryant’s Wayland Olallieberry. 4yo+ —1, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Finger Print; 2, Miss G Brownrigg’s Leith Ballard; 3, Mr & Mrs Dibdin’s Ashley Marchioness. Dartmoor (A D Bubear) —1, Mrs J Tompsett’s Littlebury Flapjack; 2, Mrs S Williams’ Shilstone Rocks Meadow Sweet; 3, Mr & Mrs R M Thornely-Taylor’s Heatherden Apollo. 4yo+ —1, Mrs B Firth’s Dunmere Buff Ermine; 2, Mr J Sheehy’s Foxleat Victory; 3, Mrs D Hodges’ Rincivert First Edition. Dales (C Dale)—1 & ch, Mrs S Hobday’s Sunglow Philomena; 2, C Dodd’s Gullivers Buccaneer; 3, C Beever’s Biggerside Black Duke. Fell (A W Morland)—1 , S Bloomfield’s Ludworth Donna; 2, HM The Queen’s Balmoral Vision; 3, Mrs S Prior’s Townend Whisper. Exmoor (A Whittle)—1 & res, Mrs A Nicholls’ Bournefield Rosebud; 2, Mrs P Cox’s Blackthorn Sea Puffin; 3, Misses Williams & Nash’s Waltersgay Primrose. Highland (H Prescott) —1,HM The Queen’s Balmoral Wren; 2, Mr & Mrs Shearman’s Lochlands Silver Drum; 3, Conway Stud’s Heather of Conway. 4yo+ —1, Mrs S Atherden’s Stirlingdene; 2, Mrs M Stanford’s Mhari Of Meggernie; 3, Miss O Fitzgerald’s Balmoral Moorland.

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