Melplash show 26 August

  • MELPLASH Dorset, 26 August

    ridden hunters (D Atkinson, S Stevens) local 1, J Cooper’s Frodo; 2, S McIntyre’s JJ Bowe; 3, M Hallett’s Joe Trigger. lwt 1 & res, E Gibson’s The Philosopher; 2, A Blaker’s Mr Flashman; 3, Frodo. mwt 1, JJ Bowe. hwt 1 & ch, E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, L Cooke’s Monterrey; 3, F Gear’s Flash Harry. novice WH 1, R Scammell’s Step in Silver; 2, S Laporte’s Diablo; 3, R Barclay’s Blarney Bluffer. HOYS open WH 1, S Hookham’s Reverie; 2, H Child’s Carnsdale Quiz Master; 3, L Cooke’s William Bonney. HOYS ladies hunter 1, Shelford Rupert; 2, J Ebdon’s Elgar II. HOYS cobs (S Somers, J Maynard) lwt 1, Baileys Horse Feeds Draco; 2, G Warren’s Charlie Hummingtop; 3, N Whitelock’s Mr Mistofolees. hwt 1, Baileys Horse Feeds Satellite; 2, G Warren’s Forrester II; 3, S Holliday’s Betelgeuse. hunter breeding (T Boxall) y’ling 1, R Scammel’s Back Chat; 2, G Cheater’s Kelston Sir Galahad; 3, T Barnes’s Blue IV. 2-y-o 1, A Holder’s Artemis; 2, J Lee’s Springtower Distant Promise. 3-y-o 1, A Bassett’s R Trenawin Woganis; 2, H Walsh’s Bulgari; 3, J Crumpler’s Fern’s Delight. best local led 1, Fern’s Delight; 2, Back Chat. b’mare 1, Messrs Upham & Davey’s Lady St John; 2, A Bassett’s Bariana; 3, A Holder’s Monkspoolspritzer. foal 1, A Bassett’s Question Time; 2, A Holder’s Elegance; 3, J Townsend’s Midtown Magic. best ridden/ turnout (W Foote, E Mitchell) 1, V Gundry’s Phoebe II; 2, V Foyle’s Dorset Black Magic; 3, H Carlin’s Bubble Bum Boy. riding horses ( Miss Speid-Spoote) sml 1 & ch, A Andrew’s Overdrive II; 2, P Bailey’s Merleydown Sage; 3, B Giles’s Lynchmead After Eight. lge 1 & res, E Edward’s Coppelia; 2, J Cooper’s Greenhorn. WHP (S Linden) 153cm 1 & ch, C de Freitas’s Jumbo Junior; 2, J White-Hamilton’s Lishmar Lady Derval; 3, J White-Hamilton’s Simply Monty. 143cm 1, J Mennell-Fisher’s Donata Aureus; 2, S Harris’s Tonka Toy; 3, L Palmer’s Tanwyn Benjamin Judge. 133cm 1, J Talbot’s Brianne Hapni; 2, L Smith’s Strollee; 3, K Pallister’s The Blue Boy. M&M WHP 128cm 1, E Shilham’s Twyford Cador; 2, C Burrough’s Georgian Dollar; 3, W Foot’s Crynmerlyn Bronwyn. SHP (S Linden) 153cm 1, L Smith’s Strollee; 2, L Palmer’s Holyoake Free Spirit; 3, B Giles’s Seren Esquire. riding ponies (H Field) LR 1, C Nokes’s Rhoson Dandi; 2, C Burrough’s Homeshill Mongoose; 3, L Morgan’s Twyford Montana. FR 1, J Talbot’s Bengad Stonecrop; 2, C Burrough’s Homeshill Mongoose; 3, L Palmer’s Aston Ebrill. M&M ridden (B Miller) Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, Welsh sec A/B 1, J Upton’s The Hale Viola; 2, S Barber’s Tiffwyl Marksman. New Forest, Highland, Fell, Dales 1, S Vivian’s Halden Highlight; 2, C Gibbs’s Galtres Generous; 3, C Gibbs’s Peasedown Betty Boo. M&M in-hand sml breeds 3-y-o 1, C Taylor’s Forlan Masterpiece; 2, J Upton’s Bluebury Cream Profita; 3, S Glasper’s Sweetcombe Sundown. lge breeds do 1, C Richards’s Willoway Lake Louise; 2, A Carslaw’s Neathrose Georgie Girl; 3, S Maynard’s Glancerdin Hudol. sml breeds 4-y-o & over 1, S Glasper’s Sweetcombe Sunkist; 2, L Carpenter’s Daylan-Brocode ; 3, M Taylor’s McEve Poppet. lge breeds do 1, C Gibbs’s Rhyd-Ddu Glyndwr; 2, S Vivian’s Halden Highlight; 3, E Haycock’s Peveril Pure Magic. RP breeding (S Nelson) b’mare 148cm 1, D Porter’s Clonageera Sunflower; 2, J Reardon’s Miss Squirrel Nutkin; 3, K Clayton’s Wytch Hattie Carol. y’ling not exc 148cm 1, D Porter’s Whiteleaze Laura May; 2, M Coombes’s Goresmead Baccus; 3, Messrs Haywod & Tarr’s Fofsway Jonny Wilko. 2/3-y-o do 1, J Rearden’s Brooklands Farm Tiger Lily; 2, Messrs Hayward & Tarr’s Fofsway Winsome; 3, D Watkins’s Inch High Private Eye. coloured in-hand (S Somers) open 1, A Board’s Puzzles Pretty Girl; 2, H Nelmes’s Midnight Mystic; 3, J Angus’s Bonnie. ridden native 1, K Gallagher’s Magical Martha; 2, V Gundry’s Phoebe II; 3, F Thorne’s Blarney Talk. ridden non-native 1, N Whitelock’s Jamehills Mosiac; 2, M Tarrant’s Bluebell.

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