Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: Pop seeks elusive RIHS ticket

  • As I am write this I can see something very strange in the sky — it has been a while so I can’t be sure but I think it is the sun! Thank goodness as I feel as though I have been attending winter shows just recently.

    So far my season has been a little up and down — well more down than up if I am honest! Pop (pictured right) and I are still stuck with our bout of seconditis and haven’t managed to get our RIHS ticket yet, although we manage to win a Olympia semi-final qualifier. We keep being pipped by the Section Ds in the other classes.

    In more positive news, my novice rides have been going great in their limited outings. I took all three ponies to our area 14 show for an outing which proved to be testing for everyone as the weather was horrific.

    Francis was the star of the day winning a big novice worker class in awful conditions — good job we went hunting in the winter as he didn’t look at anything, not even the bank. He also won his picton class after being dragged off the lorry at the last minute as I was riding Pop — some times the lazy ones are much appreciated!

    My baby Section B Sovereign also went for his first ‘outdoor’ outing, although due to the conditions we ended up in the school in a huge picton class. I was pulled in second but managed to find the one hole in the school to fall down in my show. My mum always says if there is a hole I will find it and I sure did. Luckily Sov is such a good boy he picked himself back up and carried on, but we were fairly dropped to 4th.

    We then decided to put him in the Olympia semi-finals class to give him another nicer ride indoors. I was thrilled to finish second in this class as I was up against some much more established ponies and, with no holes in sight, we managed to pull off a lovely show.

    It was then a quick jump onto Pop, who we have decided recently only likes to appear indoors. We were proved right as he went on to win his class and qualify for the Olympia semi-finals he won last year.

    As well as the shows I’ve managed to fit in some judging and I travelled up north to judge at BSPS Area 2b. I had a fantastic day up in the northern sunshine. I think I need to head up there more often!

    Until next time


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