Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: got the blues with no RIHS ticket

  • Well sadly mine and Pops blue run has continued — in more ways then one, as my jacket and riding stuff were stolen the night before Royal Windsor! Luckily everyone at the show rallied round to supply me with stuff on the day and, guess what, I landed another blue rosette.

    Since then the blues have kept on coming, which means we didn’t manage to get our RIHS ticket this year. We tried our best but couldn’t quite get past the Welsh Section Ds, who our class has been amalgamated with this season. It is just one of those things and I will have to enjoy watching my friends from the sidelines instead. I’m blaming my run of bad luck on having my riding stuff stolen and having to borrow jackets and ties for all my shows!

    Last weekend was one of my favourite shows of the year, our local HOYS qualifier and county show, South of England. Being our local we always love to go along and it holds a special place in my heart for being the show where I first qualified for HOYS.

    With the inclement weather, I wasn’t sure if the show would be going ahead, and if it did, whether I might need an arc to get there! However SOE battled on and last Saturday the sun actually shone. I had entered Francis so he could go and experience his first county show and experience it he did! We had the hound parade and the motorbike display team do their bit whilst we were in the ring. Although a wrong leg meant there was no placing for us, I was thrilled with how he took everything in his stride and didn’t flinch at anything.

    Pops class was after lunch so we had a bit of time to catch up with friends. I also had a sit on a 12hh worker I was going to partner in the HOYS working class a bit later on. After a quick practice jump, I got back onto Pop for his HOYS qualifier, but I could tell he was really not himself and we almost didn’t do the class.

    After the go round, I jumped off to run to the workers and went into the ring to jump first — my little ride was awesome and we flew round to jump a clear. After a nice show and in-hand, I dashed back across the showground to do Pops show and, although he tried in his show, when he wouldn’t take a polo from me I knew he wasn’t right.

    So we left the class with no rosette. I dashed back to go in for the worker presentation and wasn’t placed in this class either! So three classes and sadly not one rosette — probably my worst SOE todate, yet I couldn’t have asked for more from the ponies. Unfortunately you just get days like this some times.

    Having drawn a line under that, I’m hoping it is now onwards and upwards from here. I’m looking forward to the arrival of my new jacket, which I hope will turn my luck around!

    And the really exciting news is that I also have a new addition to the team so watch this space…

    Until next time,


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