Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: this is supposed to be fun, right?

  • I think my season could probably be described as getting off to a slow start like I’m sure a few other people’s has.

    The weather hasn’t exactly screamed ‘go out showing’ to me and the few shows we did have planned ended up being cancelled at the last minute. We had big plans the other weekend to attend a RIHS (Royal Internation Horse Show) qualifier with Windy before he began covering duties, but when waking at 4am to ice and snow we decided the show could wait. I think I am becoming far too much of a fair weather rider and the thought of standing in the freezing cold wasn’t too appealing, afterall it is supposed to be fun right?


    I have managed to get out a couple of times with Ainsley the Highland pony (owned by Julia Osborne and pictured top) who has had two outings and made both of them winning ones, plus he also picked up a lovely silver medal rosette. I am absolutely thrilled with how he has come on this year compared to the couple of outings he did last year. Ollie and Jo have done a fab job with him and he is really getting the hang of the ridden job again.


    My boys have been very limited with what they have done as unfortunately I have been a bit under the weather and not able to ride much. Leo has managed one outing and shall we say was a little hit and miss and poor Picasso hasn’t even made it to a show with me yet. My friend did step in to ride him at a show for me last-minute and being the honest little boy he is, he went and won all his classes and finished reserve champion. Having not been to a show since August I was really pleased, even if he has wintered well…


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    Jacob has carried on pretty much being a man of leisure although I don’t think he really minds.

    I am trying to get myself excited and ready for the season ahead but I think I do need to see some sunshine first! I am looking forward to the BSPS winter championships and getting out of hibernation and seeing some friends, but I am not sure the ponies are quite ready for it. I think both them and I are in a serious need of a make over before then.

    Wish us luck!

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