Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: Windy and Warwick are winners

  • So its been a busy few weekends now we are into May, with shows almost every saturday and sunday.

    After a trip to India for work, I was straight back into it, judging a day after I came home on the Saturday and then competing on the Sunday with Windy. Although I was tired from my trip, Windy was on a great form and decided it was about time to stop getting seconds and pick up his RIHS ticket. It was a great way to start my run of shows and a brilliant class to win.

    The week after was our area show where we always like to try and take the babies out so I decided to take both my two from home — Bertie and Francis — along with Ollie taking Warwick and Windy. Cue one manic day. I am not sure my feet touched the ground, but it was a great day where I ended up doing six classes and three championships.

    Warwick was the star of the day, being Picton novice champion, winning his five-year-old class and then taking the silver medal. Quite a feat for a novice pony. Francis also had his first outing of the year, where I chucked him in at the deep end to do his first ever lead-rein class. With a borrowed jockey thrown on at the last minute we went into the ring and came a very good sixth in the Royal International class having moved up after a very sweet show. I think he appreciated having a tiny jockey on board — it makes a difference from him usually having to carry me around!

    After his silver medal, Warwick continued his winning ways by going on to win and qualify for the RIHS at South Suffolk horse show, making me one very happy rider! It is crazy to think that only a few months ago he was still getting his canter together. Now he’s winning his second ever open class and standing at the top of a really good RI qualifier. He really has come on in leaps and bounds and I couldn’t be prouder.

    So, after the busy few weeks, the boys and I are going to be enjoying some downtime and having a little break. Well, that is the idea — we will see how long it lasts!


    Photo courtesy of LRG Photography

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