Rio security scare: ‘There was an incident in the stables’

  • Unconfirmed rumours circulating around the Rio Olympics equestrian venue suggest a bullet landed in the stables area today.

    A spokesman for the Rio organising committee said: “We are aware of an incident this morning in the stable area.

    “The security services responded rapidly and are on-site now establishing the facts.

    “We will update you as soon as we have more information. In the meantime, additional security has been deployed to the venue to support the investigation and ensure the safety of everyone on site. This is our top priority.

    “Nobody was injured, nobody was hurt,” the spokesperson added.

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    H&H has three journalists on site and will bring you more information as soon as it is available.

    This follows an incident during the dressage of the eventing competition where a stray bullet landed in the press office during the lunch break, when the room was full of journalists and photographers.

    In a security briefing, Rio 2016 communications director Mario Andrada said that the bullet “came from a community far from here”.

    “The ministry of defence have confirmed that the bullet was aiming at the police blimp, which carries surveillance equipment. Their findings were that the bullet arrived with low energy and speed, on a parabolic trajectory, aiming at the blimp.”

    Another incident took place yesterday, in which a bus carrying members of the press between venues was hit and a window shattered.

    Horses from all disciplines are currently on site at Deodoro. The first action of the pure dressage competition is underway this morning, the event horses are having a rest day before leaving to go home and the showjumpers have arrived to prepare for their competition, which starts on Sunday.

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