Rio Olympics stray bullet update: ‘We don’t know if there were live fire exercises nearby’

  • A security briefing was held in the Rio Olympic press office in Deodoro, which was earlier today the scene of commotion when a stray bullet pierced the tent ceiling and landed on the floor.

    The Rio 2016 communications director Mario Andrada addressed a large group of media — including additional TV crews from non-equestrian channels, seeking to offer reassurance around the security status of the venue.

    “Those of you who were working here at lunch time saw that a bullet was found here, which came from the outside,” he said. “Authorities are investigating the type of bullet and the distance and where it came from and why it came here.

    He stated that it had been “clearly determined” that the press office — and the Deodoro venue holding all the equestrian Olympic events — was not the target of an attack. The venue forms part of a garrison town area, so is surrounded by military installations.

    “We don’t know if it has come from training or whether there were any live fire exercises nearby. The weapon has not yet been identified.

    Bullet hole

    Bullet hole

    “It was stray bullet and can confirm that it was nothing to do with the Games, the presence of the Olympic family or of the press. There is no more precise information at the moment and investigations are being carried out,” said Mr Andrada.

    “Technical experts from local police have been measuring the place and trajectory of the bullet. As soon as we know, we will disclose where form, why it was here and what kind if bullet it was.”

    He made assurances that security in the area has been stepped up.

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    “Military and security forces in the area have absolute confidence and assurance that this is nothing to do with the Games, and was just unfortunate incident.”

    H&H will bring you more information as soon as it is available.

    All three of our staff, reporters Pippa Roome and Alice Collins, as well as photographer Peter Nixon were in the press office at the time of the incident and are unharmed.

    Mr Andrada added: “We can’t give out more information about the bullet without checking and testing it. It’s a very sensitive issue so need to investigate and clarify everything before we can give out any further information.”

    In consultation with local professionals, it was not deemed necessary to evacuate the area.

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