Aesculap Econom CL Battery powered clippers: review

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  • Aesculap Econom Equipe CL for Horse Shearing


    • Value for money:
    • Fit:
    • Performance:


    • Excellent operation and power output from small equipment
    • Clear battery life guide button
    • Lightweight
    • Good battery life
    • Excellent clip quality


    • A two pin plug with no adaptor for a three pin plug provided

    Price as reviewed:


    After using this product, our reviewer is now a complete convert to battery powered clippers

    The Aesculap Econom CL Battery powered clippers are for horse use and are a full size set, not trimmers.

    When they first arrived I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of both the travel case they arrived in and the product itself. The carry case holds the clippers, two batteries, charger unit, cables, screwdriver, a small pot of oil and one set of clipper blades.

    On unpacking however, I realised that the cables were wired for a two-pin plug system, not one we operate in the UK generally, however I was lucky I had a converter so I was able to get started straight away.

    The initial set up was very easy, especially if you have had clippers before. The blades attach with two screws with a screw tightener on top of the unit to adjust the tension. The battery simply slides into place and is held securely by a metal clip.


    Having done an awful lot of clipping in my life, I have always steered clear of battery clippers in general. Probably for fear of running out part way through and that a battery pack could be a little cumbersome. Not so with this set! They are light and easy to use and the extra bonus of having two batteries in this pack alleviated my concerns about running out part way through. In fact I managed to clip my 18hh horse completely, without rushing and only had to switch to the second battery towards the end of the clip. The battery life appears very good indeed. An added bonus is, pressing a button on the bottom of the battery tells you how much battery is left.


    The charger unit for the batteries is exceptionally simple to use, very similar to something you would see for DIY drill. The clippers themselves are very lightweight and easily comparable to a standard mains powered set.


    They provided a very good quality clip and this was reassuring as I wouldn’t normally be brave enough to go for a brand I had not previously heard of myself or from friend or colleagues. They run very quietly and don’t blow the hair in any awkward directions. As I am completely allergic to horsehair, it meant I didn’t suffer anywhere near as much as normal.


    I am a complete convert to battery clippers. There is no cable getting the way, with no fear of the horse treading on it accidently. You are free to easily, greatly speeding up the whole process. A definite winner for me.

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