Snuggy Hoods Bug Body Fly Rug: ‘suits a horse with sweet itch’ 6/10

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  • Snuggy Hoods Bug Body Fly Rug


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    Snuggy Hoods

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    Welcome to our group test of fly rugs. All of the rugs in this group test have been thoroughly tested on the yard of dressage rider and trainer Rob Waine. Find out what he thought below.

    Snuggy Hoods’ official description

    The ultimate fly rug covering poll to dock. The Bug Body Fly Rug is robust yet lightweight and fully breathable, as well as water repellent. It stops coat bleaching as well as protecting from midges, other flying/biting insects, dust and dirt.

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    Rob’s first impressions

    This rug looked very complicated to put on and take off. It looked more of a specialized sweet-itch rug, rather than a fly rug. It was also quite thick and heavy.

    Overview of performance

    This rug offers very good protection against the flies, giving a very good body coverage while providing freedom to move. It fitted well. Having said this, it wasn’t breathable and the horse wearing it got hot even on cooler summer days, plus it did prove very complicated to put on and take off.

    Rob’s likes and dislikes

    This rug did the job very well in terms of protecting against flies and once on, fitted really well. But for me it is far to complicated to get on and off and you need a very trusting horse.


    Best suited for a horse that suffers from sweet itch rather than a standard fly rug

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