Back On Track Therapeutic saddlepad: review

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  • Back On Track Therapeutic saddlepad


    • Style:
    • Fit:
    • Performance:
    • Value for money:


    • Well-shaped
    • Does not shrink in wash
    • Thick enough to not need a pad
    • Well-positioned girth loops
    • Soft lining for sensitive backs


    • Quite expensive
    • Difficult to keep white

    Price as reviewed:


    Although our reviewer didn't notice a difference in her horse's way of going, she really like the look and performance of this saddlepad

    My thin-skinned, grey, sensitive dressage horse is very hard to please, but he absolutely loves this pad.

    Being mostly thoroughbred, he has very angular withers even when he’s muscled up, and this pad moulds itself beautifully around his contours and doesn’t ruffle his hair like others can.

    The idea is that the pad reflects the horse’s natural body warmth and allows the back muscles to loosen, relax and warm up quickly. I can’t say I noticed a marked difference in my horse’s way of going, but he was definitely very happy and felt soft, loose and relaxed.


    The pad is a great thickness and I love the soft, fleecy lining. I usually use a thin cloth and a sheepskin halfpad, but this pad provides really good, shock-absorbing cushioning, so I soon ditched the half pad and consequently felt closer to the horse – a definite plus.

    Once on it doesn’t move and it’s a nice size. I like the look of it, and I like that it’s simple. I have washed it lots of times and although it has shrunk very slightly it has held its shape well. My only criticism – and it’s a very small one – is that because it can only be washed at 30 degrees it is difficult to get it super-white again. I would definitely recommend the product and am keen to try others in the range.


    I would definitely recommend the product and am keen to try others in the range

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