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  • Q: I recently saw an Italian show jumper competing in some unusual-looking coloured stirrups. How do they work and are they available to buy in this country?
    TL, Norfolk

    What are they?

    THESE coloured stirrups come from Italian manufacturers Equipe and have just been launched in the UK. The bright colours are attracting a lot of attention, but there is much more to these hi-tech pieces of kit.

    They are made from strong, lightweight aluminium and are available in a jumping or dressage style — and each pair comprises a left and right stirrup with a slight tilt where the leathers fit to help keep the lower leg in the correct position.

    The stirrup’s tread is wider than normal and is said to offer a better weight-bearing surface and give extra stability to the rider’s leg. The in-built grip adds sticking power, while the holes are designed to help balance the stirrup and keep them lightweight.

    Who uses these stirrups?

    ITALIAN show jumpers Vincenzo Chimirri and Alessia Marioni have both been adding a flash of colour with their Equipe coloured stirrups.

    “I like them because they have a wider base where your foot rests for security, are less bulky and more lightweight than traditional stirrups,” said Alessia Marioni.

    “They help me maintain a good leg position when jumping.”


    THE stirrups are available in eight colours.
    Price: £125
    Zebra Products Tel: 01942 681002 www.zebraproducts.co.uk

    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (31 July, ’08)

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