Mud: how to tackle it and help prevent the health issues it can bring horses *H&H Plus*

  • Mud is an inevitable part of winter. Helen Triggs checks out how to minimise the damage with advice from some industry experts on the perils of mud and how to navigate your way through winter with your horse as safely as possible

    No one likes mud – it’s cold, wet, sticky and gets everywhere. Even worse, it can cause injuries and medical complications for the horse. But while winter’s ever-present hazard is unavoidable, there are strategies to take away some of the pain.

    In most situations, mud is more of an inconvenience than a serious problem. If your horse has even a generous amount of dried mud on his coat, it may be unsightly but it often won’t do any harm. Unless infection takes a hold, the horse’s coat and feathers are his best protection. But for those whose season covers the colder months, they have to confront the elements head-on.

    Dealing with sweaty, muddy horses and tack is all in a day’s work for Beaufort hunt groom Margaret Hopkins.

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