Pammy Hutton: Swap the screens for stable work *H&H Plus*


  • H&H’s dressage columnist on why the next generation need to get their hands dirty

    We are taking little steps towards the new normal; an unmade road with few signposts. Hope remains for economic recovery, and that we dare peek at our bank accounts again. Like so much in life today, we learn the state of our finances online via a cold, hard screen, yet still feel genuine elation or despair as we look at the figures.

    What a pity, then, that we don’t get that same “feel” when we access equestrian learning online. During these past weeks of virtual training, I’ve climbed all over my computer trying to “feel” softness or resistance while using my eyes and knowledge. I love the feeling of the horse who trusts me, who follows me in trot, who reins back from the word and allows me to share his energy. But I can’t find it in a plastic box.