‘You need a skin like a rhino’: H&H talks to Countess Goess-Saurau MFH *H&H Plus*

From peace rallies to being wedged in a tree, Countess Goess-Saurau has learnt that an MFH’s life is certainly varied, as she tells Tessa Waugh in this exclusive interview

Three years into her second stint as master of the VWH, Countess (Susie) Goess-Saurau is one of the country’s senior masters of foxhounds. “Are you writing about old dinosaurs?” she laughs when I ring her.

An elegant blonde in pastels and a big hat, Susie draws the eye at gatherings of the tribe throughout the summer. She looks like a Hitchcock heroine, but in person she is fun, chatty and down-to-earth. As the daughter of non-horsey parents, horses didn’t come to her, she explains.

“I spotted a pony, aged two, and screamed until I was put on it. My parents allowed me to have riding lessons and I became known as ‘the professor’ because all of my knowledge came from the Pony Club manual.”

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