Will Plunkett: meet the breaker and trainer whose clients include the Billy Stud *H&H Plus*

  • Will Plunkett on his quest for improvement, letting a horse find its own balance and his childlike love of riding

    I describe myself as a sport horse trainer – though that’s never an option in the drop-down menu when you’re doing the car insurance. I’m known for doing breakers – for people like the Billy Stud and Peter Charles – but in reality my wife Laura and I also have home-breds and other horses that we compete for clients. Including the kids’ ponies, we probably own about a dozen horses ourselves. Laura does all the admin; I wouldn’t last a single day without her.

    My background wasn’t horsey, but luckily I was bitten by the bug when I was young as I passionately hated school. I’m dyslexic so I just counted down the days to leaving school and working with horses.

    We didn’t have a lot of funds, so while I was learning to ride at the local riding school, I hung around at our neighbour’s yard until she eventually helped find me my first horse, Sundance. I hacked 90 minutes each way to shows so I’d get up super-early and take a short cut across the playing fields. It was lucky Sundance was an Arab as it gave him the stamina to do it.

    This feature is also available to read in this Thursday’s H&H magazine (15 April, 2021)

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