All in a day’s work: Horseboarder Daniel Fowler-Prime *H&H Plus*

Daniel Fowler-Prime on teamwork, wowing crowds and reuniting families, as told to Kate Johnson

In simple terms, horseboarding is a horse, a rider and an off-road skateboarder racing around a twisting, turning course in the fastest time possible. It’s highly skilled. People call it extreme but I think hunting and eventing are extreme — that’s real danger.

My background is in shows, trick riding, jousting, and working with horses in film and television; I worked on Game of Thrones, getting the horses ready for dragon battles. I was a keen skater, surfer and snowboarder, too. It was only a matter of time before I put the two together, founding Horseboarding UK. We held our first competition in 2008 and based on that we came up with 13 rules to manage the sport. Now we have two books of rules.