Legends of the sport: Showjumper Marion Mould with her pony Stroller *H&H Plus*

The teenage girl on a pony who conquered the world stage has become the stuff of showjumping legend. Penny Richardson finds out more about Marion Mould and her partnership with the inimitable Stroller.

It is a tale to rival National Velvet: a teenager begs her father to be allowed to keep her pony and they end up becoming world champions and winning an Olympic medal.

This is the unlikely but true story of Marion Mould (née Coakes) and the incomparable Stroller. In 1960s Britain, it struck a chord with every pony-mad girl who had Stroller’s picture on their bedroom wall and dreamed that one day they too would hit the showjumping heights.

The story began in Hampshire in 1950, when three-year-old Marion was taught to ride by her father, farmer Ralph Coakes.

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