Legends of the sport: Eventing great Mark Phillips *H&H Plus*

Mark Phillips has nailed a host of roles within the eventing world, and his prowess as a rider puts him among the greats. Lucy Higginson discovers the history behind his remarkable career

Every Horse & Hound reader knows Captain Mark Phillips; he may even have been writing his H&H column longer than you’ve been around to read it. To the layman, he’s a horseman who married the Princess Royal, but to riders he’ll always be one of the greats: a four-time Badminton winner and Olympic gold medallist; a prolific team trainer (for the Spanish and Americans); then a world-class course-designer in the current phase of his career.

In his best-selling book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell explores the idea that genius doesn’t just pop up randomly. It emerges when someone with huge potential meets with opportunity to learn, absorb, practise and practise again until they achieve that “genius” status.

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