The Horse & Hound Podcast: episode 31 – Nick Skelton’s 10 top horses

  • In our 31st weekly episode of the first series of The Horse & Hound Podcast, we are switching away from our usual format to bring you an exclusive feature-length interview with Olympic individual showjumping champion Nick Skelton, who talks about 10 horses that helped shape his career...

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    In episode 31, we depart from our usual format to bring in the New Year by hosting a special feature-length interview with Britain’s reigning Olympic showjumping champion Nick Skelton.

    Nick chats to our showjumping editor Jennifer Donald about 10 horses that have been influential in shaping his successful career, from his brilliant first pony Oxo through to his Olympic gold medal-winning partner Big Star.

    “He was the bombproof pony – he showjumped, galloped around the fields, we jumped hedges. I used to take him in the kitchen. He ate the potatoes out of the bowl one day – mother wasn’t very happy” – Nick Skelton

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    H&H Plus podcast: episode 31

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