*Warning: upsetting image* Horse crisis shows ‘no sign of easing’ as emaciated pony found dead on roadside

  • An investigation has been launched after the emaciated body of a young pony was found dumped on a roadside.

    The skewbald filly, believed to be between six and nine months old, was found dumped in Stony Lane, Little Chalfont, in Buckinghamshire on 15 March.

    An equine vet made the grim discovery and reported it to the RSPCA.

    *Warning: graphic image behind link*

    “This poor young pony was extremely skinny so it would appear she has starved to death,” said RSPCA animal collection officer, Rachel Edwards.

    “Unfortunately, this is a sight that is becoming all too common.”

    The RSPCA is receiving more than 80 calls a day about horses, many of which relate to equines who have been dumped dead or dying.

    A statement from the RSPCA said the horse crisis “shows no sign of easing” and the charity is under huge pressure to find stables and funding to care for the large number of equines taken in.

    “Horses are being found sick or dumped liked rubbish, many just clinging on to life or having already perished. As animal lovers, it’s devastating to see on an almost daily basis,” added Ms Edwards.

    “We believe that the impact of the recession, over-breeding, the high and rising costs of veterinary care and hay, and the falling price of horses have all contributed to this equine crisis. And we don’t see any sign of it ending just yet.”

    The pony was not microchipped and the RSPCA is trying to establish who was responsible for her and why she died.

    The charity is seeking information on 0300 123 8018.

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