Two foals found dead at site where five horses died months ago

  • Two foals have died within a week in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, causing outrage among residents.

    Locals and passers-by have been shocked at the state of the group of horses being kept on land in Grovebury Road for several months.

    In January H&H reported that five horses died due to neglect in the same area. The RSPCA removed eight horses from the fields a week later due to welfare concerns, but several animals remained at the site.

    The RSPCA told H&H it “shares serious concerns” and is monitoring the horses.

    “The RSPCA is aware of ongoing concerns about horses around the Grovebury Road area, including reports of a dead foal recently,” said a spokesman.

    RSPCA officers visit the area on an almost daily basis and have taken independent vets along. They attended the location again yesterday (Tuesday 20 April) when they found a chestnut colt in fair body condition, as well as the body of a newborn foal.”

    The RSPCA removed the body of the foal.

    “We continue to have concerns about horses on fields in this area, but we can only act within the law,” added the spokesman.

    “We cannot simply take horses without the permission of their owners or unless a vet has confirmed they are willing to support a case that animal welfare laws have potentially been broken — which would then allow the police to seize the animals.

    “Without this, we have to work to try to protect the welfare of the horses at the location.”

    “Along with police, the Horse Trust, World Horse Welfare and the Blue Cross we have already managed to rescue a number of horses from fields close to Grovebury Road and we remain in contact with the landowners over the matter.”

    Sergeant Andy Rivers of Leighton Buzzard police station said: “We have had numerous calls about these horses and have been working with the RSPCA and other partners to take this action to ensure their safety.

    “We are seeking information about the owner of the horses and would like to hear from anyone who could help us locate them.”

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